Anuga FoodTec India 2024

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Anuga FoodTec India 2024 formerly known as ANUTEC - International FoodTec India, a pioneering force in the food and beverage processing industry, proudly announces its rebranding with the 18th edition. This transformation marks a significant milestone in their journey of innovation, excellence, and global recognition.

As the Anuga FoodTec India 2024 step into this new chapter and you should join them at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India.

They remain dedicated to shaping the future of the food and beverage processing and packaging industry, and it must be exciting to have the potato audience embark on this transformative journey with them.

Witness first-hand the synergy of expertise, the exchange of ideas, and the unveiling of ground-breaking solutions – all encapsulated within the new identity of Anuga FoodTec India. Together, let's redefine the horizons of food technology innovation.

Anuga FoodTec India 2024- Brochure

(Click to download the full report | PDF) Anuga FoodTec India 2024- Brochure 

Anuga FoodTec India 2024- Brochure 

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