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Apply liquid and dry seasonings in one coating system
Spray Dynamics Two-Stage Coating System
The Spray Dynamics two-stage coating system provides consistent, uniform application of liquid and dry coatings on extruded, baked, frozen, and fried products.
Heat and Control - Slurry On Demand Continuous Mixer
Slurry On Demand Continuous Mixer
The Slurry-on-Demand Continuous Mixer is a recipe-driven, tank-less, continuous mixer that automatically and accurately mixes seasonings and liquids into homogeneous, lump-free slurries in the desired quantity demanded downstream.
Arcall intelli-spin® 100 series
intelli-spin® 100 series
Arcall intelli-spin® 100 series is a cantilever spray system that uses spinning disc technology to provide accurate and consistent liquid and slurry application.
Heat and Control Batter-coated French Fry frying system with a capacity of 16000 kg/h of finished crispy batter-coated french fries
Fryer for Batter-coated French Fries
Over 16,000 kg/h of finished crispy batter-coated french fries can be produced for fast-food lovers using Heat and Control's latest batter applicator and multi-zone fryer system.
Kanchan Metals - Horizontal Mixer Ribbon Blender
Horizontal Mixer Ribbon Blender
Kanchan Metals offers a Horizontal Mixer Ribbon Blender, an essential piece of equipment designed for efficiently mixing powders, granules, and other dry materials.
SINOBAKE - Wet Material Mixer
Wet Material Mixer
The function of the Wet Material Mixer is to continuously mix the powder through two mixing methods (the first high-speed mixing and the second low-speed mixing); in order to mix more uniformly and absorb water more completely, the structure of two continuous mixings is adopted:
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Kanchan Metals - Besan Slurry Preparation and Cooking System
Besan Slurry Preparation and Cooking System
Kanchan Metals provides a specialized Besan Slurry Preparation and Cooking System designed for the efficient and consistent production of besan-based products. This system integrates advanced technology to ensure high-quality slurry preparation and cooking, catering to the needs of various food processing industries.
SV Agri, Blender Automation
Blender Automation
Mixing flour with water is an art to get better tasting Chapati, Poori, Samosa, Namakpara, Farsipuri, Panipuri, Roti, Namkeen, Besan, etc. For proper mixing of oil and flour, the blender machine can be used.
CMP Batter Mix and Dosing System
Batter Mix and Dosing System
CMP manufactures a complete batter mix system and applicator conveyor for today’s modern French fry plant.
Kuipers Battering Unit
Battering Unit
This integrated unit will allow the snack manufacturer to produce various capacities of battered product per hour depending on the input’s specifications as well as the batter mix applied. An efficient solution for various types of nuts. Various units can be integrated to increase capacity.
Marel Active Flour Applicator
Active Flour Applicator
Marel’s Active Flour Applicator is the ideal pre-dust coating solution for the convenience food and snack industry and fits perfectly in a complete convenience line set-up
Gpi Batterline | Batter Coating Preparation System
Batter Coating Preparation
The Batterline is a system for high volume, continuous preparation of batter, as typically seen in the potato processing industry.
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Marel Semi-automatic batter mixer for high capacity, lump-free mixing
Active Mixer
Precise batter mixing starts with Marel’s Active Mixer. This semi-automatic mixer takes powder and water and turns it into a homogeneous mixture, which can be tempura or a lower viscosity batter.
Marel Active Batter Applicator
Active Batter Applicator
Marel's Active Batter Applicator uses unique technology to ensure an unrivaled, all-around coverage of all types of potato specialties. It creates the perfect base for a flawless layer of dry coating.
Marel RevoCrumb
The RevoCrumb produces perfectly coated potato specialty products with uniform distribution of crumb and the highest quality appearance. The RevoCrumb separates the coarse from the fine crumb and then lets you precisely control their flow onto the product.


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