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Box Storage
Box Storage
With Allround box storage the products are stored in large bins. The product is stacked up to about 6 boxes high. Box storage is a very flexible way to store agricultural products.
Allround Bulk Storage
Bulk Storage
Storage in bulk is an effective and economical way of storage. Effective because it is a direct ventilation system what means that 100% of the air distribution coming from the fan is forced to pass the product.
NSSPL Cold Storage Solution
Cold Storage Solution
NSSPL cold storages are designed with the latest technologies keeping local climatic conditions into consideration. NSSPL builds Temperature Controlled Cold Storage
Flo-Mech Intake & Storage Equipment
Intake & Storage Equipment
Flo-Mech offers a range of intake and storage systems from smaller capacities all the way up to large systems with multiple infeed and storage bins. They can tailor solutions to your needs.
Allround Aspire Potato storage system
Aspire storage system
The aspire system for open boxes is also a direct ventilation system. The air in the room is conditioned and then sucked through the boxes. All kinds of standard open boxes can be used for this system.
Tolsma-Grisnich Air Control MAX for (potato) storage ventilation
Air Control MAX (ACM)
The new ‘Air Control MAX’ fan for (potato) storage ventilation is innovative on 3 features: 36% reduction in noise level, Up to 35% fewer r.p.m., Air output up to 7% higher.
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Tolsma-Grisnich Condensation Drying
Condensation Drying
Condensation Drying is the method for drying for agricultural products both now and in the future. When drying constantly depends on the weather conditions and preserving the quality of the product is paramount, a condenser drying unit is a clever purchase.
Tolsma- Yield Observation Unit (YOU)
Yield Observation Unit (YOU)
The Yield Observation Unit (YOU) is placed in the bulk batch and continuously measures the product weight.
Tolsma-Grisnich Air Duct
Air Duct
The semi circular air ducts are suitable for the ventilation of agricultural products, such as potatoes, onions, carrots and tuberous products.
Tolsma-Grisnich b.v. Green-white LED lighting
LED High bay lighting
The Tolsma high bay LED lighting has been specially developed for use in the storage and processing area. The fittings have a very wide radiation angle, so that they can be hung at a great distance from each other. Moreover, the LED technology is energy-efficient.

Tolsma-Grisnich Track & Trace
Track and Trace
Tolsma Track and Trace is an easy to use system to automatically register boxes in a storage.
Tolsma Measurement Unit (TMU)
Tolsma Measurement Unit (TMU)
The Tolsma Measurement Unit (TMU) is a measurement unit that gathers data in the storage facility, like product- and room temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels.
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Tolsma - Grisnich Potato Humidity Sensor
Potato Humidity Sensor
Tolsma-Grisnich has different kinds of sensors to measure how the storing of the products is going. In combination with the Vision Control, the storage of the products can thus be optimised.
Tolsma-Grisnich Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration Systems achieving optimal storage efficiency was the goal in developing this direct cooling system, so minimal drying-in and energy saving are crucial
Tolsma - Grisnich Fans
The Tolsma-Grisnich fans are developed and produced in-house and are unique in its kind. The fans are designed to ensure a long life and a high efficiency.
Tolsma-Grisnich Vision Control
Vision Control
Tolsma offers the Vision Control climate control system for your potato storage. It includes energy management and an app.
Tolsma-Grisnich Fresh Box
Fresh Box
Effective refreshment of CO₂ with minimal energy consumption. With the Tolsma Fresh Box, the air in the storage is being refreshed with optimal temperature and moisture condistions. This improves the product quality.
Tolsma - Grisnich Control Panels
Control Panels
The control panels communicate with the Vision Control climate computer in order to realize the maximum efficiency in the storage.


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