Tolsma-Grisnich Fresh Box

Tolsma-Grisnich Fresh Box

Tolsma-Grisnich Fresh Box

The Fresh Box saves energy and prevents heat and moisture coming into the storage in warm periods and climates. The Fresh Box controls, that warm fresh air that comes into the storage, is cooled down through a heat recovery unit and the CO₂ is removed outside, all fully-automatic.

Additional cooling down is done by evaporation of water in the heat recovery unit. With the Tolsma Fresh Box, the air is refreshed with minimal power consumption and minimal temperature differences in the storage are ensured.

Plug & Play

The mobile CO₂ refresher unit is plug and play. Hereby, quick and flexible refreshment capacity can be provided in the storage. The Fresh Box works as a stand-alone unit, but can also be connected with the Vision Control climate computer.

Product quality

The refresher unit removes air with high CO₂-content in the storage to outside. Fresh outside air is supplied into the storage and this (warm) outside air is cooled down to avoid temperature increase in the storage. With optimal CO₂ control, higher prices can be realized thanks to a better frying colour index.

Highest energy saving

The Fresh Box will save energy costs significantly. It stops the entering of warm air and moisture into the storage and minimizes the operating hours of the fans and cooling system.