Tolsma-Grisnich Refrigeration Systems

Tolsma-Grisnich Refrigeration Systems

Tolsma-Grisnich Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems achieving optimal storage efficiency was the goal in developing this direct cooling system, so minimal drying-in and energy saving are crucial. The GCU (Green Cool Unit) is one of the Tolsma’s own innovations. Achieving optimal storage efficiency was the goal in developing this direct cooling system, so minimal drying-in and energy saving are crucial.


The application of advanced compressor technology in combination with an intelligent control system (developed in-house) has made it possible to achieve the highest possible efficiency for the total storage system. The GCU is available with a variety of cooling capacities ranging from 20 to 185 kW. Various other options geared to the special requirements of the product include electronic defrosting of expansion valves. The GCU can be supplied in a weather-proof casing or built into an engine room or container.


The GCU-I (Green Cool Unit-Indirect) is an indirect cooling system that we ourselves have developed. The GCU-I (chiller) was developed using the same criteria as those applied to the GCU units. This version is ideally suited to the storage of several types of product in different storage climates.

The GCU-I provides the facility to cool separate cells at different temperature levels. The minimal temperature difference across the evaporator means that the storage efficiency of this cooling system is optimal, and the quantity of synthetic refrigerant required is minimal, so that less (statutory) maintenance is required. The GCU-I is available from 20 to 200 kW.


As a result of changes to EU legislation which further limit the use of synthetic refrigerants, new cooling systems using coolants such as propane-CO2 have become an attractive alternative. In addition to the effective cooling properties of CO2, the added benefits of this refrigerant are its safety and environmentally friendly characteristics.

The temperature of the air cooler can also be controlled in these systems, so they can be accurately geared to the stored product. This keeps drying-out to a minimum (in other words – more and better products come out of storage) and energy consumption is also reduced. It is likely that CO2 propane storage installations will become standard in future, thanks to their environment-friendly properties.


The cooling installation is controlled by the Vision Control climate computer. This intelligent and user-friendly system ensures the optimal functioning and efficiency of the cooling installation. This diagram provides a visual representation of pressures, temperatures, running hours and valve positions.


Special requirements as regards management, control, maintenance and supervision apply by law to cooling installations. It is crucial that the installation is checked and (if necessary) serviced annually. Yearly monitoring includes, amongst other things, extensive checking for any leakage of refrigerant. In addition, the specialist maintenance team from Tolsma will check the compressor, condenser, air cooler (evaporator) etc.

The advantages
  • Advanced refrigeration systems
  • Energy-efficient
  • Maximum efficiency.