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Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC)

Based in Dhaka city, BADC, an autonomous corporate body under the Ministry of Agriculture, serves to the whole of Bangladesh and has a nationwide network of outlying field offices down to the upazila level and at some places even below that level.

Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd.

Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd. (BSCL) is a name associated with consumers for snack food for more than 5 decades in Bangladesh and abroad.

Danish Foods Ltd. (Partex Goup)

Danish Foods is a producer of potato biscuits, snacks, candy, tea, and other products under the Partex Star Group Conglomerate based in Bangladesh.

PRAN Potata

PRAN Potata is a spicy flavored biscuit with the sway of potato and heavy punch of herbs manufactured by . It can be enjoyed as an afternoon snacks and also during leisure times

PRAN Potato Crackers

Potato Cracker is the original variant of the range of crackers available from PRAN in the market.

PRAN Potato Sticks

PRAN Potato Sticks is the potato stick brand of PRAN-RFL Group.

PRAN Potatos

PRAN Potatos is the potato chip brand of PRAN-RFL Group.

PRAN-RFL Group Ltd

PRAN RFL Group, one of the most reputed conglomerates in Bangladesh, is in market since 1981. It started mainly with Foundry business and gradually diversified to Light Engineering, PVC Fittings, Plastics, Food and Beverage and Agro-Processing.


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