Empresas que se dedican a la Venta de Papas Directamente al Consumidor en Los Estados Unidos

Aspen Produce LLC

Aspen Produce LLC is a local family farm located in the high mountains of southern Colorado.

Associated Potato Growers Inc.

Most renowned potato grower cooperative in the Red River Valley. Additional locations in Grafton and Drayton, ND.

Baker Produce

Baker Produce offers the highest quality fruit and vegetables produce throughout the year. The company have a wide variety of apples, potatoes and onions. All Baker Produce products are hand picked minimizing damage in packing, and shipped fresh for their custemers.

Blue Sky Farms

Blue Sky Farms is one of the major coloured potato growers in the USA.

Bushmans Inc.

Bushmans' Inc. is a vertically integrated potato supply company.

Easterday Farms

Easterday Farms Produce Company is one of the major growers, packers, and marketers of potatoes in Washington State for over 55 years.
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GPOD of Idaho

GPOD of Idaho has worked with local growers for over 50 years, to provide the highest-quality Russet Burbank potatoes available. GPOD of Idaho is an exporter of Table potatoes from Idaho.

Kingston fresh

Kingston fresh is the major producer of Potatoes, Pineapple, Onion and Kingston fryers, a potato selected specifically for making fresh hand cut fries.

Knutzen Farms LP

Knutzen Farms grows and packs consistently premium quality red, white, and yellow potatoes from their farm locations in the verdant Skagit Valley.

Michael Family Farms

Michael Family Farms is a 4th generation family potato business, located in the Ohio Central Valley. Starting in the 1950s, Michael and Sons grew only round White varieties and sold them seasonally.

Mountain Valley Produce

Mountain Valley Produce Specializing in Fingerling Potatoes.


Nonpareil Farms growing the highest quality Idaho potatoes in the USA.

Pioneer Potatoes

Pioneer Potatoes is located in the Skagit Valley. Pioneer Potatoes produces high-quality potatoes, beets, and Brussels sprouts. The company offers packaging solutions to their customers as well.

Smith's Farm

Smith's Farm is a grower of broccoli, cauliflower and potatoes on the east coast in Maine, established in 1859.

Wisconsin Certified Seed Potatoes

The company Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association established in 1948.They are Ranking third in the nation for potato production, and number one east of the Mississippi, their 140 growers work together to provide the best Wisconsin potatoes and vegetables for consumers.


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