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Flo-Mech Seasoning System

Flo-Mech Seasoning System

Flo-Mech Flavour Drum infeed vibrator has a stainless steel pan and reaction base. The stainless steel pan has an integrated quick release fines screen. Housed on a support frame. Standard features include electromagnetic drive with EMC frequency controller.

Flavour Drum is manufactured from single skin stainless steel drum. The flight profile is carefully designed to give maximum tumbling effect but also gentle agitation on the product. A heavy-duty manual operated gearbox gives an adjusting angle of the drum from 2-7 degrees. Stainless steel mobile frame for ease of manoeuvrability for cleaning and operation.

The application lance uses the oil and regulated compressed air to evenly coat the product in a flavour drum. Each slurry spray nozzle has an oil feed isolation valve and a compressed air fitting. The amount of nozzles required depends on the application rate and capacity.

The lance is manufactured in stainless steel and has the facility for 3 plain adjustment for accurate set up of application lance.