Insort Sherlock Food Analyser

Insort Sherlock Food Analyser

Insort Sherlock Food Analyser

Want seamless quality control for incoming and finished goods? Or in‑line production process control? Then the Sherlock Food Analyser‘s in‑line analysis is just what you need.

Insort's years of experience and expertise made it possible to develop the first machine that provides important data for quality management and process control in real time: the Sherlock Food Analyser.

Due to its streamlined design, the Sherlock Food Analyser can be placed anywhere in the processing line. From raw product receiving, peeler control, upstream and downstream of the dryer, upstream and downstream of the fryer to finished product packaging.

Thanks to Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT® Gen.3), the Sherlock Food Analyser provides chemical data of the product being processed. In addition, high-resolution color cameras provide information on the optical properties of the products.

The InlineFOODLab 4.0 technology makes this data available to the quality management and process control system so that adjustments and optimizations can be made in the process line automatically in real time.

This intelligent function is already available to you.
(Click to enlarge)Insort Sherlock Food Analyser Some Application Examples

Insort Sherlock Food Analyser Some Application Examples

Sensor Technology - Chemical Imaging Technology - CIT®Gen3

CIT’s chemical inspection capabilities brings us to new levels and possibilities of product inspection. CIT’s approach is seeing and removing product defects and foreign material with the highest reliability of the industry at consistent levels, even if there are seasonal product changes or product variety changeovers. Fully automated.

InlineFOODLab 4.0 | the best support for your Quality Management

InlineFOODLab 4.0 allows processors to optionally get quantitative chemical data of the product and the most reliable real-time inline quality data available in the industry. For example dry matter values in potato products.

Chemical data can be combined with color or shape defects as well as size information of the inspected products. Additionally, any foreign material can be recorded and reported. This allows quality managers to have better, more reliable tools to control raw material and finished product.
(Click to enlarge)Insort Sherlock Food Analyser - Process Control

Insort Sherlock Food Analyser - Process Control

  • Significantly improved overview of the existing quality of raw and processed food;
  • Optimized use of raw materials and thus reduction of the raw material costs;
  • Optimized process reducing energy consumption, maintenance and labor cost as well as other production related costs;
  • Reduction of internal product holds and quality related complaints, one step closer
  • to "0ero waste production"
  • Permanent monitoring of the product relevant real-time parameters
    • Defect-Group Chart
    • Rel-Defect-Area Chart
    • Dry-Matter Chart

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Inline and Atline Quality Monitoring

Detailed statistics of your product
  • Inline Quantitative measurements of chemical parameter like dry matter, fat, protein, sugar, and a lot more
  • Width and length measurement
  • Color defects
  • Foreign Material
  • Editable defect statistics for minor, major and critical
  • Objective measurements - No "Human Errors"
  • Higher density of data
  • Faster data generation

Inline Peeler Control

Thanks to CIT® most precise analysis of remaining peel
  • No need of changing settings by operator CIT
  • Works with every variety of potato independent of the color at any storage condition from early harvest (very thin and transparent skin) to late storage season (thick skin, mechanical damage, scab, etc.)
  • Maximizing yield
  • Reducing food waste
  • Inline real time adjustment of any steam peeler (e.g. peel guard connect® for Kiremko STRATA Invicta®)
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Improved product quality and consistency by
  • controlling the amount of peel on product
  • Process data gained by InlineFoodlab 4.0

Real time analysis without delay
  • Accurate control of fryer through data provided by InlineFoodlab 4.0
  • Maximising yield
  • Reduction of product loss
  • Reduction of oil consumption
  • Optimised energy efficiency
  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • by reducing claims
  • Objective data
  • More frequent measurements
  • Higher output

Sherlock Food Analyser is available in stainless steel, hygienic design and fully wash down cleanable. The space requirement is small making integration into existing lines simple.