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Insort Sherlock Food Analyser

Want seamless quality control for incoming and outgoing goods? Or in-line production process control? Then the Sherlock Food Analyser‘s in-line analysis is just what you need.

Thanks to its Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®), the Sherlock Food Analyser is able to analyze and react to the chemical composition of your products in‐line and in real time.

Important information such as dry matter, fat content, sugar content and the ripeness of foodstuffs no longer requires elaborate lab work on samples, but can be obtained easily and without the need for any delay.

Additional sensors, such as high‐resolution color cameras ensure you have complete information. (e.g. color defects, shape recognition, size measurements and much more).

All information feeds into a model that enables a wide range of automated food production control processes, depending on how the system is used.

The Food Analyser Function can also be installed on every Sherlock sorting system with simultaneous discard function for unwanted objects.