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Insort Sherlock Separator

A highly innovative technology highlights invisible and visible defects for accurate inspection and sorting. CIT identifies chemical signatures quickly to create highresolution chemical image maps of objects for fast classification and sorting, at high industrial levels of throughput. Our mission is to utilise the advantages of CIT to create solutions for the potato processing industry that were unimagined till now – only Sherlock Separator offers a complete palette of unique solutions for advanced potato processors.

Sherlock Separator uses a powerful camera system to deliver real time chemically sensitive spectral images in the near-infrared. Chemical specific signatures, acquired and identified in real-time on a pixel-by-pixel basis, are used to produce spatial maps highlighting differences of chemical composition.

Our in-house developed and patented technology detects sugarend defects and glassy potatoes; with the additional advantage of highly sensitive and accurate foreign body detection. Designed to be easily implemented in the processing line after potato peeling, Sherlock Separator transports potatoes on a vibration unit under the camera system for inspection and subsequent separation into three quality streams. In addition to our unique clap system ensuring the complete removal of defect potatoes and problematic foreign bodies, the integrated peel scanning device controls your peeling process to reduce yield losses and guarantee high product quality