Insort Sherlock Separator

Thanks to the combination of the CIT® camera with high‐resolution RGB cameras fitted on both sides and the Safeguard Rejection System perfected by Insort, the Sherlock Separator is able to provide the most reliable foreign body detection on the market.

They provide a total solution, with three‐way sorting enabling detection of color, shape and chemical defects such as sugar ends, glassy potatoes, scab, blight and green potatoes. “Repeel” and size sort functions come as standard, as does comprehensive data provision in line with the latest Industry 4.0 requirements.

Integrated Peel Scan Function during peeling to maximize yield. The Sherlock Separator meets the highest standards of hygienic design for easy, trouble‐free machine cleaning.

Insort Sherlock Observer

Insort Sherlock Observer

Insort GmbH

Food Safety Frist – no compromise! This was the guiding principle behind the development of the Sherlock Observer.

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Insort Sherlock Hybrid

Insort Sherlock Hybrid

Insort GmbH

A synthesis of proven air separation technology and food safety optimized flap separation that sorts acceptable products, foreign material and defective products perfectly into 3 grades in just one pass.

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Insort Sherlock AIR

Insort Sherlock AIR

Insort GmbH

The sophisticated precision Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) of this sorter means the Sherlock AIR delivers high quality optical
sorting for all small food products.

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