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Insort Sherlock Separator

Sherlock Separator 4.0 represents the next generation of the most reliable three-way sorting solution on the market, specifically designed for whole potatoes.
  • Further enhanced performance in terms of detection reliability and yield savings
  • Latest Chemical Imaging Technology CIT® 3rd Gen
  • Highest defect detection reliability by means of high resolution true color rgb cameras
  • Real-time artificial intelligence
  • Newest generation lighting system
  • Enhanced software for most precise sorting results and improved usability
  • Optimised design for an even better product flow and increased yield.

These innovations, combined with the well proven systems, such as the Separator Rejection System and Automatic Peeler Control, ensure the highest foreign body detection, efficient data management and minimisation of operating costs by improved energy efficiency and yield.

They offer the most comprehensive 3-way and 4-way sorting solution that includes color, shape and chemical defect detection. The whole potato sorter is able to detect all kinds of foreign materials and defects such as sugar ends, scab, rot, green and glassy potatoes.

Thanks to InlineFOODlab4.0, "Repeel" and size sorting functions are standard, as is comprehensive data provision in line with the latest Industry 4.0 requirements.
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Insort Sherlock Separator Application Examples