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Arcall intelli-spin® 100 series

Arcall intelli-spin® 100 series

Ensure accurate and consistent liquid and slurry application every time with the Arcall intelli-spin® 100 series. This slurry spraying system uses an innovative cantilever design featuring spinning disc technology to enable even seasoning application for a range of food products.

Designed to fit seamlessly over a production line, the Arcall intelli-spin® 100 evenly coats the top side of food products as they are transported via a conveyor, using overlapping spinning disc spray patterns.

  • Achieve high performance and consistent coating of food products at rates of up to 276 l/hr (72.9 gal/hr).
  • Experience accurate and consistent cross-band application of a range of fluids thanks to overlapping spinning disc spray patterns.
  • Realise faster return on investment by capturing and reusing unsprayed oil to reduce waste and raw material costs.
  • Lower your TCO with an easy-to-maintain modular design that allows easy access to spray heads and drives for operation and maintenance.
  • Surpass your OEE goals with removable spray heads for easy cleaning, replacement or upgrade.
  • Promote sustainability with a fully self-contained design that fits over existing conveyers on any production line, reducing plant footprint.

Standard features
  • Top spray with spinning discs
  • Reservoir with integral filtration
Optional features
  • Slurry application – features to maintain suspension in application
  • Glaze application – chilled features
  • Water jacket heating

Application: Application of liquid and slurry for the production of snacks, cereals, confectionery and pet foods.
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Arcall intelli-spin® 100 series specifications

Arcall intelli-spin® 100 series specifications

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