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FAO Food Price Index continued to drop in December, however, it rose substantially on a yearly basis

Si bien el índice de precios de los alimentos de la FAO siguió cayendo en diciembre

Enero 11, 2023
El índice de precios de los alimentos de la FAO* promedió 132,4 puntos en diciembre de 2022, 2,6 puntos (1,9 %) menos que en noviembre, marcando la novena caída mensual consecutiva y situándose 1,3 puntos (1,0 %) por debajo de su valor hace un año.
FAO Food Price Index Dec 2022

El índice de precios de los alimentos de la FAO se mantuvo en noviembre prácticamente sin variaciones por segundo mes

Diciembre 14, 2022
El índice de precios de los alimentos de la FAO* se situó en noviembre de 2022 en un promedio de 135,7 puntos, prácticamente sin variaciones respecto de octubre, con descensos intermensuales en los índices de precios de los cereales, los productos lácteos y la carne.
Arjan de Rooij and Annelous Groenwold

Offering faster prospects for potato growers in uncertain times

Noviembre 25, 2022
Now that growers and managers can meet again in person, serious concerns are being shared by AVEBE Potato growers. That is the conclusion of Members’ Council member Annelous Groenwold and Agro Director Arjan de Rooij.
Acryleast hero crackers

Kerry Introduces Acryleast Pro - Next-generation acrylamide - reducing yeast now even more effective

Noviembre 21, 2022
Kerry, the world’s leading taste and nutrition company, has announced that it had released Acryleast™ Pro, the advanced iteration of the company’s signature acrylamide-reducing non-GMO (non-genetically modified) yeast, Acryleast™.
FAO Food Price Index virtually unchanged in October

El índice de precios de los alimentos de la FAO se mantiene prácticamente sin variaciones en octubre

Noviembre 16, 2022
El índice de precios de los alimentos de la FAO* se situó en un promedio de 135,9 puntos en octubre de 2022, prácticamente sin variaciones desde septiembre.
Generational change within KPW

Generational change within Avebe Kartoffelstärkefabrik Prignitz/Wendland (KPW)

Noviembre 10, 2022
Every site of Royal Avebe has its own Human Resources challenges. This includes the Avebe Kartoffelstärkefabrik Prignitz/Wendland (KPW) sites in Germany. The relatively high average age of the staff creates capacity challenges for the future.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
Hydrite new corporate headquarters

Hydrite awarded One Green Globes certification for new corporate headquarters by the Green Building Initiative

Octubre 27, 2022
Hydrite, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, has earned a Green Globes® for New Construction certification with a One Green Globes rating for its new corporate headquarters
Avebe offers Waxy Potato Starch for food manufacturers, the key to excellent taste and texture differentiation.

Growing waxy potatoes for Royal Avebe specialty potato starch

Octubre 24, 2022
Christoph Renken, farmer on the Lüneburger Heide, shares his practical experiences of working with Royal Avebe and growing waxy potatoes on his farm.
Potatoes in the bag

The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food

Octubre 19, 2022
Duynie Ingredients is part of Duynie Group. Europe’s largest company active in the valorisation of co-products. Within Duynie Group, they have more than 50 years of experience in taking care of potato products.
AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch business

AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S

Octubre 17, 2022
With effect from October 7, 2022, the Danish farmer-owned cooperative AKV Langholt AmbA has acquired Cargill’s 50% share in their mutual joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S.


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