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Kellanova North America Plant
Febrero 05, 2024

Kellanova set to achieve 90 percent renewable electricity across North America in 2024

Kellanova has announced that the maker of Pringles® is on track to reach its goal of creating a climate-positive future
PRESQUE ISLE, Maine -- January 4, 2023 -- Mario Andrade, assistant professor of potato breeding and genetics at the University of Maine in Orono, stands in a potato field at the Aroostook Farm in Presque Isle during the September 2022 harvest. Andrade too
Enero 10, 2024

New head of breeding program wants to save Maine potatoes from climate change

DNA science is gaining ground in agriculture, and researchers are using it to develop potatoes that will thrive in Maine’s changing climate.
PepsiCo's PAO Accelerator
Noviembre 27, 2023

PepsiCo Announces Agriculture Accelerator Projects to Support Farmer Livelihoods, Scale Sustainable Innovation and Accelerate Regenerative Agriculture Across the Globe

PepsiCo recently announced the third year of its global agriculture program, the Positive Agriculture Outcomes (PAO) Accelerator, by backing eight new innovation projects across nine countries.
McCain Foods USA and Partners Awarded USD 6.9 Million in Federal Funds for Sustainable Potato-Growing Projects in Wisconsin and Maine
Noviembre 08, 2023

McCain Foods USA, Campbell's Awarded USD 6.9 Million for Sustainable Potato-Growing Projects in Wisconsin and Maine

McCain Foods USA was awarded USD 6.9 million in funding through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)'s Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)
There’s a New Type of Potato in Stores That’s So Creamy You Don’t Even Need Butter
Octubre 30, 2023

New Organic Potato brand available at Whole Foods in the North-East United States: Upstate Abundance

If you’re looking to up your potato game this holiday season, you’re in luck. There’s a new potato variety in town, and it’s said to be so creamy that you don’t need to add butter, cream, or anything else to dress it up - it’s delicious right from the field.
Tasteful Selections® Introducing Potatoes Your Way™ at IFPA
Octubre 12, 2023

Tasteful Selections® Introducing Potatoes Your Way™ at IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show

Tasteful Selections®, a specialty potato brand from RPE LLC, continues to innovate to stay ahead of the evolving needs of retailers and consumers by introducing its new product, Potatoes Your Way™.
1,4-DMN Poised to Achieve CODEX MRL
Octubre 11, 2023

Sprouting control agent 1,4-DMN Poised to Achieve CODEX MRL

Great news for potato producers: 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (1,4- DMN), a naturally-occurring bio-control that enhances dormancy
Trimble and AGCO to Form Joint Venture to Better Serve Farmers Worldwide with Mixed Fleet Precision Agriculture Solutions
Octubre 05, 2023

Trimble and AGCO to Form Joint Venture to Better Serve Farmers Worldwide with Mixed Fleet Precision Agriculture Solutions

Trimble announced a definitive agreement to form a joint venture with AGCO to better serve farmers with factory fit and aftermarket applications in the mixed fleet precision agriculture market.
Growing Nitrogen: Plants like this vetch plant with long roots can produce lots of nitrogen once they become established.
Septiembre 27, 2023

Start growing your own nitrogen

Four studies released from 2019 to 2023 by the University of Illinois show that on average, 67% of nitrogen found in corn comes from sources occurring in the soil. Researchers labeled nitrogen fertilizers applied with N15 to identify naturally occurring nitrogen vs. synthetic nitrogen.
Beautiful or ugly? To a no-tiller, soybean stubble with cover crops peeking through in late fall is a beautiful sight. To those who no-till, chiseling or plowing is "farming ugly."
Septiembre 25, 2023

Five reasons to skip fall tillage

Moving away from reliance on tillage is a tough change to make. Sure, there are times when tillage could be considered.
Taylor Grant, Leah Halverson and Bryan Jones: The Next Generation of Potato Farmers
Septiembre 16, 2023

Feeding America: Introducing the Next Generation Potato Farmers

A new generation of potato farmers uses cutting-edge instruments and methods to progress farms and preserve the soil for future generations all over the United States, often in unexpected areas.
The tray is not only compostable and recyclable but also oven-safe and microwaveable, said Rachel Atkinson-Leach.
Agosto 30, 2023

New sustainable fiber tray for potatoes introduced

Tasteful Selections®, a specialty potato brand from RPE LLC, is introducing a new sustainable fiber tray with its Organic Sea Salt & Herb bite-size potatoes.

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PepsiCo and Walmart Aim to Support Regenerative Agriculture Across More than 2 Million Acres of Farmland
Julio 27, 2023

PepsiCo and Walmart to Support Regenerative Agriculture

PepsiCo and Walmart today announced a 7-year collaboration to pursue USD 120 million worth of investments focused on supporting U.S. and Canadian farmers in their pursuit to improve soil health and water quality.
RBS Emithermic XE Oven
Julio 26, 2023

As world combats climate change, Reading Baking Systems introduces Emithermic XE Oven to Replace Direct Gas Fired Oven Technology

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snack production systems, unveiled the new Thomas L. Green Emithermic XE Oven, a superior replacement for traditional Direct Gas Fired (DGF) ovens.
Julio 10, 2023

American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) highlights the role of Frozen Food in Reducing Food Waste

Publications from the Cornell University Dyson School of Business and market research firm 210 Analytics cast light on the lower waste rates of frozen food and how consumers are utilizing frozen food to fight back against waste, respectively.
Pepsico 2022 ESG summary: progress toward PEP+ Goals
Junio 29, 2023

Pepsico 2022 ESG summary: progress toward PEP+ Goals

PepsiCo, Inc. (NASDAQ:PEP) published its 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Summary, sharing the first full year of reporting since the launch of PepsiCo Positive (pep+) in 2021.
Soil Erosion: A Looming Threat to Farmers
Junio 28, 2023

Soil Erosion: A Looming Threat to Farmers

Soil erosion, a natural process exacerbated by human activities, poses a significant challenge to agricultural sustainability worldwide. This relentless force gradually strips away fertile topsoil, leaving a devastating impact on farmers and the environment.
Pepsi Reveals Tesla Semi Operations Details With Real Mileage Numbers
Junio 28, 2023

Electric Trucks in the Food Industry: How the Tesla Semi is working out for Frito-Lay / Pepsico

Pepsi Tesla Semi is delivering Frito-Lay products around 425 miles per charge. It also delivers Pepsi out of its Sacramento warehouse on 100 mile daily routes, going directly to stores, and 300 to 400 mile runs to other warehouses.


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