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Energy and Environment

VDH Concept launches a new type of retail potato packaging
VDH Concept, a Belgian company specialized in retail packaging for potatoes, vegetables and fruit, has recently introduced SQ Pack, packaging with a net structure perforation.
Thursday, September 14, 2017
tna’s new energy-efficient freezer fan design reduces energy consumption for a more sustainable french fry production
Processing and Packaging Equipment manufacturer tna has introduced a new energy-efficient fan design for its Ferguson ener-freeze® FFV 3 to reduce energy consumption by more than 30%
Los fabricantes de papas fritas tienen ahora una solución de congelamiento más asequible y sostenible
tna ha presentado el nuevo diseño del ventilador de congelador de bajo consumo para su Ferguson ener-freeze® FFV 3 y así reducir los costos energéticos en más del 30 %.
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Penn State Researchers find new way to convert potato waste to ethanol
With more than two dozen companies in Pennsylvania manufacturing potato chips, it is no wonder that researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences have developed a novel approach to more efficiently convert potato waste into ethanol.
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Finding opportunities to save energy in potato processing: McCain Foods Timaru
Management at one of McCain Foods’ processing plants in Timaru, New Zealand, has found over 100 opportunities for improvement in its logistics following a two day “energy blitz” from employees.
Research: less food waste when using frozen produce
Consumers create less waste from frozen vegetables, potato products and berry fruit than from fresh, or alternatives in cans or jars.
Drones can help optimize the use of nitrogen fertilization in potato farming
Now there is a validated method that can not only determine far more precisely how much nitrogen should be applied, but also shows us the differences in nitrogen demand within fields. This will lead to a much more efficient use of nitrogen.
Side Delights adds Organic Russet Single Wrapped, Microwaveable Potato to its Farmer’s Table Organic potato line up
Fresh Solutions Network announces the launch of its Side Delights® Farmer’s Table® Organic Russet single wrapped, microwaveable potato – a line extension to the Farmer’s Table Organic potato line up.