Sustainable Produce Packaging Continues to Impress
June 22, 2020
EarthFresh launches new Biobased Mesh Packaging for Baby Potatoes and Baby Sweet Potatoes.
Patatas Meléndez arranca una nueva campaña de recogida de patata
June 01, 2020
'Llevamos varias semanas ofreciendo ya al consumidor patata nacional de esta campaña, hemos sido la primera empresa en dar ese paso' Juan Manuel Coello, Patatas Meléndez
Starch Europe Welcomes the Publication of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy
May 26, 2020
Starch Europe today welcomed the much-anticipated publication of the European Commission’s EU Farm to Fork Strategy. Starch Europe and its members strongly support the Commission’s climate neutrality ambition and the important role a more sustainable food system plays to achieve that objective.
Europatat welcomes the Farm to Fork strategy and calls on the Commission to ensure a coherent and realistic approach
May 25, 2020
Europatat welcomes the Farm to Fork Strategy published today by the European Commission. There is a need to secure a fair, healthy, and environmentally-friendly food system, a message that the potato sector fully endorses.
Frost causes severe damage to early potato crops in Ireland– pictures
May 22, 2020
Freezing temperatures around Ireland over the past week has damaged many early potato crops.
La patata nueva de España llega a los supermercados con Patatas Meléndez
May 19, 2020
Patatas Meléndez, la empresa vallisoletana líder
en el sector de la patata fresca, lanza su campaña de patata nueva nacional. Así, se
adelanta con la patata temprana y la pone a disposición de los consumidores en toda su
red de distribución retail (supermercados y su propia tienda online).
Rain decimates Tasmanian potato crop; processors fear European spuds will be dumped on Aussie market
May 18, 2020
Tasmanian potato growers, who produce the bulk of Australia’s French fries, are having a disastrous harvest. Months of wet weather is making it impossible to get onto paddocks in parts of the state.
España: Queda por sembrar un 35% de superficie de patata en Castilla y León
April 27, 2020
La siembra ha quedado temporalmente suspendida por las lluvias persistentes de las últimas semanas, forzando a que se hayan escalonado, lo que supone una ventaja conveniente de cara a la comercialización de la patata.
MSU study focuses on controlling volunteer potatoes
April 16, 2020
Volunteer potatoes are difficult to control. Currently, there are no herbicides available that will completely control volunteer potatoes and significantly reduce the number of daughter tubers produced per plant.
Protecting Indigenous cultures is crucial for saving the world's biodiversity
March 27, 2020
Species are being lost at about a thousand times the natural rate of extinction. This is faster than at any other period in human history. Ecosystems—the vital systems on which all life depends—are being degraded across the globe.