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The Potato Sector
Florida is not ranking in the top 8 potato producing states when considering all harvest times. However, Florida contributes a large part of the spring potato harvest in the United States, when more than half of the potato acreage in Florida is harvested.

Agricultural Statistics Florida

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Potato Area Harvested in 2017: 28,700.00 acres All seasons
Potato Production in 2017: 7,175.00 (000) cwt All seasons
Potato Seed in 2017: 684.00 (000) cwt All seasons
Potato Yield in 2017: 250.00 cwt/acre All seasons
Potato Price at Producer in 2017: 17.40 USD/cwt All seasons
Potato Area Harvested in 2016: 22,900.00 acres Spring only
Potato Area Harvested in 2016: 22,900.00 acres All seasons