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    Golden Fries Ltd, a Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-based company that supplies frozen French fries, is seeing a rapid rise in sales in Kerala.

    'We started supplying French fries in Kerala in July 2005. My first invoice was for 800 kg. Now, we sell on an average 11.5 tonnes of French fries a month in Kerala,' P.C. Shah, assistant sales manager of Golden Fries, told IANS.

    'Of the many Western food products that are introduced in the state, French fries seems to be the fast-moving item,' said Shah.

    Golden Fries, which commenced production five years ago as an export-oriented unit, started selling the product in the Indian market about two years ago. The company has an annual production capacity of 10,800 tonnes of French fries.

    A few years ago, even in the cities, French fries were an unknown item for the ordinary Keralite.

    'Now many fast food outlets are serving our product. Even at marriage parties, French fries find a place as we are now selling our product to catering units,' he added.