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Month of 'Shraven' causes spike in potato chips consumption in Guyarat

Alu Wafers Masala (Courtesy: Samrat Namkeen)

The namkeen and wafer industry in Gujarat, which grosses sales of over Rs200 crore in a year, has received a further boost in the ongoing month of 'Shravan'.

Producers of wafers and namkeen products, like Balaji Wafers, Samrat Namkeen and others, expect to end the month with a 30%-50% rise in sales because of increase in demand of farari food items.

"In the month of 'Shravan', total sales of the company rises by at least 30-40% compared to average sales, as demand for potato and banana wafers, farari chevdo and other farari items increases. We expect the same this time too. Among all farari items, wafers account for more than 60% to 70% of sales. Ahmedabad contributes about 20% of the total sales of farari products in Gujarat,"said Chandubhai Virani, MD, Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd.

Virani added, "In the last financial year, we had a turnover of Rs250 crore. We are confident that our turnover will cross Rs350 crore this year as our expanded Valsad facility will add to production."

Jayshankar Vaid, MD of Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd, said, "Sales jump by up to 50% in the month of Shravan, which is the highest compared to any other month. We managed sales of Rs30 crore in the last financial year from Gujarat market alone."The demand for potatoes and their prices also rises in Shravan.

A supplier of potatoes for chips, Sureshbhai Patel, said, "We supply potatoes to many potato wafer makers. On an average, the daily demand of potatoes for wafers in Ahmedabad city is around 30 tonnes a day which increases to around 50 tonnes a day during Shravan. In the past, we have noticed at least 35%-40% rise in the sale of
snacks in this month."

"Sales of potato and banana wafers rise by over 100% in this month, because these are the most consumed items. We expect that the growth in sales will continue in the current season also,"said Gopishankar Vaid, chairman, Sushma Namkeen Pvt Ltd.