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    The Tobique-Mactaquac Member of Parliament has called for the RCMP to investigate why eight Grand Falls region farmers were never paid for potatoes shipped to a Quebec processing company between August and December of 2008.

    Conservative member Mike Allen told the Victoria Star that he has asked the commercial Crime Division to investigate the complicated transactions which has area potato farmers still waiting for $750,000 in unpaid potatoes shipped to Russet House Inc., a large potato processing firm based in Huntingdon, Quebec, east of Montreal.

    "I have raised this issue with the RCMP through their Commercial Crimes Division, as a result of the company in Quebec seeking creditor protection in December at approximately the time invoices to the farmers in our region were coming due. The company is still operating, as we understand it, and buying raw material for their process. The RCMP have an investigation protocol that they follow, and before it goes to commercial crimes, there would first be local inquiries by District 10 RCMP. I have been informed that District 10 has opened a file on the matter so we will see in coming weeks how this will shake out."