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 Flavorite Foods and Services Pvt Ltd
PPM Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier to the global food processing industry has joined forces with Flavorite Foods &Services Pvt. Ltd., an India based food machinery and technology supplier.

Flavorite Foods &Services Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Indore, India, produces a range of thermal processing solutions for the food industry. The company has created a great reputation for providing quality products to the local food processing industry.

“This is a perfect business fit and will increase the support we can provide to customers in the region” states Mark Eaton, Chief Executive Office of PPM Technologies. “In addition, Flavorites knowledge of ethnic food processing will augment the current PPM product range”.

The combined company will benefit from an enhanced thermal processing product range, extended sales coverage and established operations capacity within India. Raman Dhoot and Pradeep Dhadwawaile remain as Managing and Technical Directors of Flavorite Foods &Services Pvt. Ltd.

Both businesses have built solid reputations in their respective thermal processing markets for providing top quality products and services. Over the next several months the two companies will begin executing plans to take advantage of this new business venture.