Rudolf Wild GmbH
    After nearly 80 years as a successful family business Rudolf Wild GmbH &Co. KG will begin a new phase: The owner, Dr. Hans-Peter Wild, has now taken the first step on the way to becoming a public company – a decision initially taken in 2008. As of January 1, 2010 he sold shares of the German Flavours and Ingredients Business to KKR including the subsidiaries in a total of 11 countries. It has been agreed that the currently successful operational business will continue to be managed by the WILD Management. Therefore;there will be no changes in the top management.

    “This strategic partnership will allow us to tap into the capital markets and financing sources that have previously been unavailable to us, thereby driving more rapid growth of our business. KKR is a strong partner with extensive global expertise and will assist WILD in its focused expansion and strengthening of our businesses going forward” said Dr. Hans-Peter Wild. In extending its reach, WILD will target foreign markets relying on KKR to support WILD’s financial positions and create new growth potential through its global network and acquisition.

    “The strategic partnership between KKR and WILD, one of the global market’s leading manufacturers of natural flavour ingredients for the food and beverage industry, is an innovative type of private equity transaction that will facilitate significant growth opportunities worldwide. We are excited to be WILD’s partner of choice during this exciting growth stage”, says Johannes Huth, European head of KKR.

    The fruit preparation businesses of Rudolf Wild GmbH &Co. KG in Germany, France and Poland will not be affected by the announced transaction. Also Deutsche SiSi Werke with its leading brand Capri-Sonne/Capri-Sun and INDAG (the technology center of WILD) will continue to be fully owned by Dr. Wild.

    After the transfer of shares of the German business Wild and KKR plan to form, in several independent steps, a global flavors business in which Dr. Hans-Peter Wild will be the majority shareholder.