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Russia eager to buy 40,000 tonnes of Belarusian potatoes

August 22, 2010
The Belarusian national association of potato fruit and vegetable manufacturers Kartofelplodoovoshch and the Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Societies Belkoopsoyuz have received an order for the express delivery of 40,000 tonnes of potatoes to Russia, Kartofelplodoovoshch Director General Alexander Yarokhovich told BelTA.

Enterprises are being selected to be able to ship potatoes (at least 1,000 tonnes each) in September-October.

Kartofelplodoovoshch had signed contracts to export at least 50,000 tonnes of potatoes and 20,000 tonnes of vegetables. In view of the poor potato and vegetable yield in Russia’s central parts Russian wholesale companies are ready to buy the merchandise now without waiting for potatoes and vegetables to be put into storage facilities.

According to the source, Belarusian farmers have to stock up at least 54,800 tonnes of potatoes for the home market before they can export spare potatoes. Prospects of this year’s harvest are sufficient to satisfy the domestic market and export potatoes.