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Agritechnica 2013 more international than ever
Agritechnica is the world's largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment.

This is confirmed once again by the figures for this year's event. With around 2,900 exhibitors from 47 countries, the organizer DLG yet again reports an increase in the number of exhibitors. This is some seven percent higher than at the last event in 2011. At the same time the exhibition floor space has increased by approx. 11 percent to a good 42 hectares.

All the global leaders from the industry are represented here and use the international marketplace formed by Agritechnica to introduce their products. The companies will be presenting a complete and unique spectrum of products and services adapted to the different requirements worldwide, up to and including Saturday, 16 November 2013.

Outstanding international participation

The world's largest programme of modern agricultural machinery and equipment together with components and spare parts (Systems &Components) is being presented at Agritechnica 2013. The international participation with over 1,500 exhibitors is outstanding. The largest contingents of international exhibitors come from Italy (368 companies), the Netherlands (117), China (101), France (101), Turkey (92), Austria (81), the United Kingdom (61), Poland (58), Canada (55), Denmark (49), the USA (48), Spain (43) and India (33). It is striking that the numbers of exhibitors from nearly all countries have grown. DLG interprets this as a clear indication that the international manufacturers are increasingly using Agritechnica as a gateway to worldwide markets. At the same time, DLG sees this as confirmation of the renewed intensifying of its marketing campaign, with pre-events in the run-up to Agritechnica in many countries and further expansion of the travel service offered, reflected for instance in 17 official country pavilions.

The excellent programme provided by the manufacturers is supplemented by a large number of international expert events that both point up technology trends and address all key questions concerning the future of farming and agricultural machinery and equipment. Agritechnica is thus not only the innovations platform for the latest in modern machinery, but also a source of ideas and impulses for the predominant questions regarding the future of agribusiness and agricultural machinery and equipment.

Feeding people – Boosting efficiency – Conserving resources

By the year 2050 it is expected that some nine billion people will need to be fed. At the same time the demand for agricultural raw materials for energy production is rising. These are major challenges which farmers have to face. This means that all over the world they will need to boost production efficiency further. Great potential exists for this, especially in crop production, in particular through further developments in electronics and new dimensions in machinery performance. For example, Smart Farming allows considerable changes in farm organization and in production methods. At the same time, with innovative machinery and equipment it is possible to produce raw materials while at the same time conserving resources more efficiently and in a more environmentally compatible manner. An example from Germany illustrates that farmers are coming to terms with the growing scarcity of resources. Between 1984 and 2011 leading farmers were able to increase their yields by more than 30 percent and at the same time distinctly reduced their use of resources. According to studies by the firm of consultants "Betriebswirtschaftliches Büro Göttingen", during the same period energy consumption and the use of plant protection agents and fertilizer per unit produced was reduced by up to 60 percent, in addition to other savings.

Innovations driver for agriculture

Agritechnica is the most important platform of the agricultural machinery industry for introducing new machines and equipment. This is evident from the nearly 400 innovations submitted to DLG by exhibitors. In particular the steadily growing use of electronics offers farmers new opportunities on a broad basis for necessary increases in efficiency. Agritechnica is the most important innovations driver for the agricultural sector. This is where large numbers of solutions for the future are presented.

Business situation and business development remain stable at a high level

Excellent prospects are predicted for agriculture in the medium and long term. Both manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment and farmers themselves are basing their plans on this. Considering the present milk and wheat prices, the recently prevailing price downswings appear to have been overcome. Europe's farmers continue to assess their current business situation and their expectations of further business development as stable at a high level. This is reflected by the results of the DLG-TrendmonitorEuropa, which DLG together with Europe's leading agricultural market research institute, the Kleffmann Group (Lüdinghausen/Westphalia) conducted in autumn in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Poland. Farmers in Germany continue to rate their present business situation as positive, while farmers in France and Poland are a little more reserved. Farmers in the United Kingdom assess their present situation as better again by comparison with the year 2012. Expectations of further business development have also improved. Farmers in the United Kingdom have thus come through the depressed period resulting from difficult harvesting and drilling conditions in 2012. German farmers are confident regarding further business development in the coming twelve months. The French farm managers assess their business development in the coming months as average. Polish farmers view their business expectations somewhat more reservedly than in spring 2013. Following poorer evaluations after spring 2012, farmers in the United Kingdom rate their further business development more optimistically again. German and Polish farmers display high willingness to invest Farmers in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Poland display different degrees of willingness to invest. The current Trendmonitor shows a high tendency to invest in Germany (52 %) and Poland (50 %) – every second farmer questioned in these countries is planning investments in the next twelve months. Among French farmers, the Trendmonitor shows greater fluctuations in readiness to invest. At present, this level at about 30 % is roughly the same as before Agritechnica 2011. French farmers plan 67 % of their intended investments in field operations. In the United Kingdom the downward trend in inclination to invest in 2012 has been reversed. Investment planning increased by 6 % by comparison with the spring survey and is now at 31 %.

Know-how campaign for emerging economies

A know-how campaign is necessary for the emerging economies of Africa and Asia. The farmers there need not only transfers of knowledge and skills, but also appropriate technologies geared to their specific conditions. Together with partners from the industry, science and academia, consulting firms, practical farmers and organizations, DLG is addressing this challenge specifically at this year's Agritechnica. For example, international experts will be exploring market potentials, market access avenues, financing frameworks and machinery and equipment requirements for countries such as China, India, Zambia, Ukraine and South Africa within the framework of an event series. The results should contribute to accelerating the transfer of know-how to these countries. Furthermore, DLG is also devoting a Special to the topic of "Rice Production". Exhibitors at Agritechnica will be showing modern technologies in this connection. International experts will be available to discuss questions of e.g. water management, soil preparation, sowing, fertilizing, plant protection and harvesting.

Agritechnica 2013 – Meeting place for young farmers from all over Europe

It is most impressive to see how the younger generation is accepting the challenge of the future and gearing up to tackle the requirements. Young farmers are seeking concepts for the future in order to steer their farms on a course for success over the next ten to twenty years. Young entrepreneurs from many European countries will be even more in evidence than in previous years at this year's Agritechnica. With a separate information package on the European Young Farmers Day and Student Day on 14 and 15 November, DLG offers an ideal platform for this. It is characterized in particular by international panel discussions and job forums. One highlight will once again be the "Young Farmers Party"attended by around 4,000 young people on 14 November in the TUI-Arena, located directly next to the Exhibition Grounds.

Very high numbers of visitors expected

Focusing on the right decisions to meet the challenges and opportunities leads to an exceptional demand for information among farmers from home and abroad. DLG therefore once again expects strong visitor interest, as at the last event in 2011 to which around 400,000 visitors came, including around 100,000 visitors from outside Germany who made their way to Hanover.

Source: Agritechnica