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  • Arca Continental to open new Bokados snacks production plant in Queretaro, Mexico
The Governor of Queretaro, Francisco Dominguez Servien (left) and Raymundo Garcia, General Manager of Bokados.

The Governor of Queretaro, Francisco Dominguez Servien (left) and Raymundo Garcia, General Manager of Bokados.

Arca Continental, S.A.B. de C.V., the second largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, announced yesterday to the state authorities of Queretaro, Mexico that it is opening its third snacks production plant for Bokados, as part of its strategic plan to expand its brand presence and coverage throughout Mexico.

After presenting the project to Francisco Dominguez Servien, the Governor of Queretaro, Raymundo Garcia, Bokados General Manager, informed that the new plant, located in the municipality of El Marques, will require an investment of nearly Ps. 300 million (13.7 million USD) to reach an installed capacity of 16 thousand tons per year upon completion.

The plant will have 7 production lines and create 150 direct jobs and approximately 600 indirect jobs.

Raymundo Garcia, Bokados General Manager

“Since 2007, when Arca Continental ventured into the snacks industry with its acquisition of Bokados, we began a period of expanding the brand’s presence, its product portfolio, and commercial execution.”

“Our success has enabled us to transform from a regional company to having an ever-growing national presence with innovative products at a very competitive price point.”

“The opening of our new plant in Queretaro will reinforce our presence in the central and southern part of the country from a strategic location, thereby furthering our objective of making Bokados a national brand.”

Governor Dominguez Servien highlighted the logistical advantages his State offers.

Governor Dominguez Servien:

“Bokados will find in Queretaro competitive advantages. For example, our transportation routes and roadways make us one of the most important logistical centers in the heart of Mexico, which will allow them to strengthen their production capabilities.”

The new plant is expected to initiate operations during the first quarter of 2017.

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