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France: 'The consumption of potatoes rises again'

The Maison Bayard Family

March 14, 2018

Bayard Distribution is a family business located in the Hauts-de-France. The company produces about 12,000 tons of potatoes annually and it was founded by the couple Françoise and Bertrand Bayard. In 2008, their daughter Adèle joined them and became responsible for the communication policy. Their son Florent, who specialized in communication but changed jobs, joined the company in 2017.

Florent Bayard:

"We work with a true love for the potato in all its diversity.“

According to Françoise Bayard, the consumption of potatoes declined last year, but is rising again now.

Françoise Bayard:

"There is a lot of export to Europe, and the sale is going well; however there still is a lot of stock.”

“A remarkable development in recent years is that people buy smaller quantities than before: previously they took out big bags, nowadays they just buy for two days. They buy more regularly.“
Maison Bayard potatoes

Maison Bayard potatoes

Florent explains how the company grew.

Florent Bayard:

"My parents were Hampshire sheep breeders and farmers. Like my grandparents, they already grew potatoes, but other crops as well.”

“About 20 years ago Bayard Distribution was founded. We’ve exclusively grown potatoes ever since.“

Much of Bayard Distribution's production is for export.

Florent Bayard:

"We export to different countries, like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy and occasionally even to Asia, especially Hong Kong.”

“Most are destined for the European market, where we work a lot with Metro Cash and Carry. It depends per market which varieties we sell the most. The Blue Belle variety, for example, is very popular in the French market.

Françoise Bayard:

"Our customers are essentially wholesalers, and we also work for high-end catering.”