Grimme presents two new self-propelled potato harvesters at Potato Europe 2018

Grimme's new self-propelled potato harvester, the four-row VENTOR 4150 with 530 hp and a large bunker with capacity for 15 tons of potatoes.

At this years PotatoEurope, which takes place from 12th to 13th September in Bockerode (near to Hanover, Germany) GRIMME will present two new self-propelled harvesters for the first time at an international trade show.

To start with is the new company flagship, the four-row VENTOR 4150 with 530 hp and a large bunker with capacity for 15 tons of potatoes. The Technology is based on the well proven "SE- principle" - a combined separating device for sieving, conveying and haulm separation Unique features include the digging system which is the first part of the machine to touch the crop without driving over any potato ridges, low compaction wheel system with "crab steering", a CCI 1200 operator terminal with the new GDI operator interface and an automatic belt speed control, Speedtronic.

The four-row self-propelled VARITRON 470 TERRA TRAC will also be presented for the first time in the new Platinum version. The VARITRON is outstanding for its patented 7- ton NonstopBunker, the highest variety of separator devices on the market, the soil-protecting rubber tracks, a perfect view onto the intake, the ErgoDrive operating concept and the best manoeuvrability.

The two-row trailed bunker harvester EVO 290 is the most powerful of its kind with a 9 ton bunker. The three wheeled chassis TriSys provides unique ground protection. The speed of the main webs can be infinitely adjusted with the VarioDrive concept. Thanks to MemoryControl, the favoured parameters can be stored and conveniently recalled for all the harvesters mentioned.

The fourth harvester is the single-row SE 140 with 4 tons bunker and 40 km/h road approval.

In the context of the special show "Alternative methods for weed control", which is carried out by the German Agricultural Society, GRIMME presents the two-row ridging hiller (weeder) GH-OEKO. The machine is equipped with blades, which are guided in a parallelogram that "peel off" the weeds on the sides of the ridges. The single row shaper following the cutting system forms a stable and even ridge.

In the field of planting equipment, the versatile eight-row, foldable potato planter type GL 860 Compacta with 6 tons bunker will be presented. For potato storage equipment a field loading station called CleanLoader is presented. With a capacity of up to 120 tons per hour, it enables a significant increase in efficiency in field logistics.

On the 400 m² exhibition stand the latest developments in the field of web-based portals for our customers and dealers will be presented, e.g. myGRIMME, the used machine portal with broker function, the extensive service packages for self-propelled vehicles and many other topics.

This year, GRIMME presents the most comprehensive package of new and further developments since PotatoEurope was founded.