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McCain Foods Australia: 'The Wait is Over. Smile, we're back!'

McCain Foods Australia: 'The Wait is Over. Smile, we're back!'

The much-awaited return of ‘McCain Smiles’ to Australia is here with just half the traditional cooking time1. Now that’s something to smile about.

Known by many and loved by all – McCain Foods ‘Smiles’ are back – this time in mini form. C-AH-UTE! Take your tastebuds back in time with all the nostalgia feels of an Aussie family favourite, 12 years since production ceased.

Gone but not forgotten, consumers across the country have inundated McCain Foods with calls, social media requests and even a petition for the return of this iconic snack. A Buzzfeed poll saw an impressive 97 per cent of contributors answering ‘Yes, duh!’ for McCain to bring ‘Smiles’ back. And the pressure has continued to build since.

The relaunch of the beloved snack has not gone unnoticed by fans with the announcement video posted on McCain Foods Australia’s Facebook page receiving an endless stream of comments, ‘Smiles’ fans were tagging their friends along with “omg”, “I need some!” and “...these are my childhood dream”.

McCain Foods Marketing Manager for Potato Nicole Doolette says the whole team are excited to have ‘Smiles’ back as part of an innovative range like Quick Cook.

Nicole Doolette:
"It’s great to be able to bring ‘Smiles’ back on shelves with a twist that is beneficial to our customers. The Quick Cook range was created to be fast with no compromise. We see these products as an essential side-of-plate lunch and dinner option for all individuals and families."
The return of ‘Smiles’ also gives new generations the chance to try the delicious snack.

Nicole Doolette:
"It’s quite special to see parents be able to provide their kids the same childhood memory they once had through our Quick Cook ‘Mini Smiles’. This just shows the great place McCain holds in Aussies hearts."
Quick Cook range is currently available at all Australian supermarkets for $4.30.

1Disclaimer: McCain EmotiBites requires a cook time of 15 minutes. Quick Cook requires just 8 minutes.