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  • Rovema Acquired Prins Verpakkings Techniek and Innotech, strengthening their VFFS Machine Portfolio for Frozen Foods
Rovema Acquisitions Strengthened VFFS Machine Portfolio for Frozen Foods

REVO – For demanding tasks

May 30, 2021
In the last couple of decades, consumer demand for foods that qualify as organic, non-GMO, and Clean Label Certified has grown tremendously. As time has progressed, increased scrutiny around food processing and the use of preservatives has led to the global frozen food market to grow to what is estimated to be a CAGR of 3.5%-5% through 2025.

Because frozen foods can be preserved for long periods of time in their nearly natural state, consumers perceive them as safer, more healthful, and more economical, with the added benefit of not having to worry about a short "use by" date that often comes with fresh meat and produce.

Since COVID-19 vaccinations become more widely available and consumers began to go back to in-office or hybrid work settings, the IQF or individual quick frozen has seen its share of demand growth as well.

The packaging process for frozen products comes with a unique set of challenges. Not only must the machinery be able to withstand extremely low temperatures, which can take a toll on many of the moving parts of the equipment, but the machinery must be designed around extremely high hygiene parameters.

In March 2021, Rovema GmbH acquired Inno-tech GmbH and Prins Verpakkings Techniek and Engineering (short: Prins).

Jens Torkel, Managing Director at Rovema:
"With Inno-tech and Prins we can further strengthen our sales and service competence. The know-how of Inno-tech in the field of stainless steel machines will support us in our further development, as well as in new markets. The expansion of our portfolio, the additional production area and the well-trained specialists are an important factor for our further growth."
Inno-tech and Prins packaging machinery is uniquely designed to meet the high hygienic demands of the frozen food market. These new additions to the ROVEMA portfolio offer V2A or V4A stainless steel with no painted parts and IP 65 rated construction of the mounting parts. This also allows for CIP (cleaning in place) for many solutions.

Not only do Inno-tech and Prins add excellent machinery capabilities to Rovema’s machinery portfolio, but they also add deep industry knowledge in the full roster of employees at both the Reiskirchen (DE) and Veenendaal (NL) facilities. All employees at these sites were brought on board with the Rovema group.

As consumers continue to purchase more frozen foods, the Rovema family of packaging manufacturers will be equipped to support producers in this industry.
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