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Wyma supporting growth in Australian vegetable production

Wyma supporting growth in Australian vegetable production

The post-Covid economy is driving strong growth for Australian vegetable producers. Fueled by the increase in consumer demand for fresh vegetables, Australian growers have chosen to invest significantly in improving their post-harvest operations.

Over the last 12 months, Wyma Solutions has committed to supporting more than a dozen Australian vegetable growers to improve their operations.

These projects range from minor upgrades to in-feed and water recycling systems, to brand new lines and significant enhancements to existing operations.

John Roest, Australian Sales Manager, Wyma Solutions:
“Australian growers and packers have always demanded the best for their produce, which is why Wyma has been so successful in supporting the sector.”

“What took us a bit by surprise was the massive demand for our line solutions over the last 12 months.”

“When you have the likes of Zerella Fresh, Center West Exports, West Hills, Vegie Bandits, and the Mitolo Group – all leaders in the industry and all asking for new line solutions – it is pretty full-on!.”

“I am pleased to say Wyma was able to meet all their needs and continue to support our other Australian customers with some fantastic innovation and improvements.”
Wyma Solutions is recognized globally as a market leader in the post-harvest handling of fresh vegetables. The company has experienced significant growth over the last few years, with increased investment in local service and sales support in the Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, and North America teams.

Looking towards the future, Wyma is in a strong position to continue growing and is investing accordingly.

Andrew Barclay, Wyma Solutions Managing Director:
“We are confident that our customers will continue to invest in quality post-harvest solutions.”

“With interest rates at record lows around the world making capital investment more cost-effective and the clear risks of bringing people together on the factory floor, we've also seen a strong shift towards automation from food processors.”

“Wyma is well and truly part of this journey. We have secured a range of partnerships and invested heavily in automating post-harvest operations, with plenty more to come in the near future.”