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FoodeQ Engineering will be presenting the unique new CentreQ® System at Interpom 2021.

With Centreq® From Foodeq, you will Extend the Life of your Vibratory Conveyors.

January 06, 2022
With the in-house developed CentreQ® (for which a patent is pending), FoodeQ is introducing a unique monitoring system for vibratory conveyors driven by unbalanced motors.

With CentreQ® the equipment is able to adjust itself and stay in perfect balance.

Industry 4.0 - or Smart Industry - is characterised by the increasing need to be able to steer and control the production process using all digitally available data.

In many places sensors are already applied to vibratory equipment to give a signal when the stroke is too high in order to prevent consequential damage.

CentreQ® does the same thing, but in two directions through the X/Y 2-axis sensor to detect missynchronisation due to defective or wrongly connected motors.

The system continuously measures the behavior of the vibratory conveyor and is therefore able to keep it perfectly balanced and adjusted, irrespective of changing temperatures, softer (ageing) leaf springs and even minor damage to bolts or leaf springs.

FoodeQ Engineering is strengthening its leading position as supplier of reliable equipment for the food processing industry.

Jaco van der Jagt, Owner at FoodeQ Engineering B.V.:
"We are constantly developing our vibratory conveyors so that they are optimally suited to the changing demands of the market."

"This involves additional functionality, maximum accessibility for cleaning and maintenance and improvement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or in other words a longer failure-free service life."
During the INTERPOM in Kortrijk, Belgium - on 28, 29, and 30 November - FoodeQ showed how it works by simulating vibration problems and thus demonstrating that CentreQ® is the ideal autotuning system and can save costs.

Our demonstration vibratory conveyor is also equipped with an innovative foldable sorting deck that makes maintenance and cleaning even easier.
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