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FPS food process solutions innovation pushes spiral freezers to new widths

FPS food process solutions innovation pushes spiral freezers to new widths

April 27, 2022
In late 2019, FPS opened its fourth plant and new R&D Department in Richmond, BC, Canada. The 73,000 sq. ft facility is integral to FPS’ mission to Set a New Standard and to deliver innovative new products to the industry.

One of the first products developed at the new facility is the 72-inch (1.8m) wide belt Spiral Freezer - the widest spiral freezer ever constructed. This Spiral Freezer, designed in partnership with Intralox, features a newly developed 72-inch wide plastic acetal belt with Intralox’s DirectDrive™ Technology. The conveyor system span is 38 ft (11.6m) wide from the outside belt edge to the belt edge.

This extra-wide system will have capacities upwards of 10,000 kg/hour of product freezing. The first system built will be shipped out in Fall 2020.

Jeffrey Chang, FPS President:
"Currently there are only belts of 60” width in the market, the introduction of a 72” is a significant jump and sets FPS apart. When designing this wider spiral, we wanted the freezer line to match higher capacity upstream equipment which is already up to 6 feet wide - thereby greatly improving overall processing efficiency."
The 72” Spiral will also provide the following critical benefits:
  • Elimination of spreading shakers and/or merging conveyors upstream to accommodate narrower spiral belts
  • Minimization of transfer points — less product loss
  • Less product movement — less product damage
  • Product alignment
  • This new freezer will be ideal for customers with height limitations in their facilities and wider ovens and fryers upstream. It is suitable for a wide range of products such as chopped and formed vegetable and potato products, and bakery lines.

FPS is currently celebrating its tenth year in business and its drive to lead the industry has already made it one of the world’s leading suppliers of cooling and freezing equipment. At the heart of this growth has been a passion for revolutionizing hygienic standards and for working collaboratively with clients to develop groundbreaking solutions to industry challenges.

With the new R&D center, FPS will expand its capacity to develop new technologies and products. Currently, FPS is also rolling out the Spiral Immersion System – a game-changing freezing technology that utilizes fluid instead of air to freeze products 20-80% faster.
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