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Scott Automation NV

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Scott Automation is a leading global supplier of smart automation and robotic solutions. A specialist in turnkey palletising and conveying systems with extensive experience in supplying potato processors.

Scotts´ customer list includes many household names from the potato business, including Agristo, Aviko, Clarebout, Lamb Weston Meijer, McCain, Mydibel, PepsiCo, Pomuni and Roger & Roger.

Scott Automation specialise in automatic palletising systems for all kinds and sizes of products. Installations can involve multi-line or single-line layer palletisers and combinations of these.

(Click picture to watch video)Scott loves (to palletise) potatoes

Scott loves (to palletise) potatoes

They have extensive experience in implementing projects under the most demanding conditions, such as deepfreeze down to -30°C, fragile products and installing systems alongside live production environments.

Scott Automation is part of the global Scott Group, headquartered in New Zealand, with design and build operations across Europe, America, China and Australasia.

The Scott Group delivers smart automation and robotic solutions that transform industries by making businesses safer, more productive and more efficient.

It provides solutions and machinery to a diverse range of industries, including Food and Beverage, Distribution and Retail, Automotive, Cosmetics and Healthcare and others.
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End-of-line automation: Burts Snacks Take the 'Multi-line' Decision

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