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From the first McCain Foods India TV campaign

From the first McCain Foods India TV campaign

With more than 1.2 billion people, India is the second most populated country on the planet and offers ample opportunities for markets of all stripes. So why not frozen food?

Canada’s McCain Foods, which has annual revenue of $6.5 billion, certainly isn’t turning down the chance to make more cash. The Economic Times reports that the company is test marketing three-minute microwaveable idlis, the savory cake that is one of the top three breakfast dishes in India.

"We have short-circuited the idli-making process,"says McCain Foods India MD KS Narayanan, the Times reports.  McCain, which recently launched its first TV campaign in India (below), sells other frozen products there as well, such as chili-garlic pops and tandoori nuggets.

Narayanan stated in a press release before the launch: “Frozen foods is a low penetration category and requires continuous efforts and engagement with consumers. The advertisement is just an extension of the communication that we have been doing in building the nascent but small category of frozen foods in India.
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McCain Foods India's first TV Ad