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     Tyrrell's Swanky Veg vegetable crisps
    UK Snack manufacturer Tyrrell's is launching Swanky Veg, a premium vegetable crisp range.

    Tyrrells Swanky Veg crisps are a mélange of some of the world’s most lavish veggies, with a pinch of sea salt.

    Candy Striped Beetroot, Purple Carrots, Blue Potatoes and Taro crisps combine to deliver a new snack option to the market.

    Tyrrells Swanky Veg takes shared snacking to a more entertaining level by encouraging consumers to venture beyond the traditional crisp.

    The three variants include:
    • Taro (a type of potato), Golden Beetroot, Purple Carrot
    • Orange Sweet Potato, Golden Beetroot, Carrot and Parsnip
    • Candy Striped Beetroot, Red Beetroot and Blue Potato
    Source: FDIN