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The economic impact of the potato industry in Manitoba
The economic importance of the Manitoba Potato Industry comes to light in a study prepared by Informa Economics, The Economic Contributions of the Manitoba Potato Complex.

Keystone Potato Producers with assistance from Peak of the Market, Seed Potato Growers Association of Manitoba, Chipping Potato Growers Association of Manitoba, McCain Foods Canada and Simplot Canada II commissioned the study to highlight the significance and value of potatoes to Manitoba.

In 2013 the potato sector in Manitoba:

  • Nationally created 4,594 full time jobs with 3,143 in Manitoba
  • Manitoba Potato Industry contributed over 1 billion dollars to Manitoba’s Economic Output
  • Added $287 million to the provincial GDP and $403 million to the Canadian GDP
  • Contributed to total Canadian economic output of $1,438 billion
“We are pleased that we now have numbers that validate the value of the potato crop and the numbers are significant,” comments Dan Sawatzky, Executive Manager of Keystone Potato Producers Association. Potato production in Manitoba has averaged 20.5 million cwt (hundredweight) from 2000 to 2013. This makes Manitoba the second largest potato producing province in Canada and it leads the country in frozen potato production. Manitoba grows 20% of all potatoes in Canada. Each acre of potatoes provides higher economic impacts than any other typical Manitoba field crop.

Click to access the study "The Economic Contributions of the Manitoba Potato Complex" (November 26, 2014)

Potato yields have steadily increased over the past decade off setting declining acreage. Potato growers have accomplished this through sustainable best management practices.

Potatoes are a traditional nutritious low cost food staple that benefit Manitoba consumers at all levels. Continued work with government and industry stakeholders to ensure the long term future of this important industry in Manitoba is essential.