Potato Processing Innovations by Kiremko

Kiremko Hi-Flow blancher

Kiremko Highflo Potato chips (crisps) blancher

november 12, 2014

The potato processing industry is always in motion and so is Kiremko. An ongoing process of innovating and developing of processing lines and machines. 

Here is an outline of what Kiremko has been working on in the past few months. 

Batch fryer

In the potato chips industry major developments have taken place, most prominently the batch fryer and the HiFlow blancher. The Kiremko batch fryer gives the best possible control over batch fried potato and vegetable chips (crisps), because of an exact temperature and burner control, stirring device, crumb and debris removal system and balanced slice infeed system. The special features of this machine are already recognized by our customers. A continuous, fully controlled multipoint drainage of debris from the whole fryer area avoiding black spots on chips, deterioration of oil which results in high oil throw-away, typical of old batch fryer designs. The zonal temperature control is independently controlled and heated and guarantees an even temperature in the whole frying pan. 

The centrally controlled but independently operating burners are quick reacting to temperature changes, in this way avoiding an over- and undershoot of oil temperature. A test unit is available to convince yourself of all these benefits. 

HiFlow blancher

The HiFlow blancher for intense, short blanching is developed for special use in the potato chips industry. No sticking of product, a very even temperature control and intense contact in between slices and water gives the optimal blanching effect without unnecessary leaching of starch. The turbulent water flow with precise control of residence time just leaches reducing sugars while needed. The machine operates in a double function by also removing excessive free starch and particles. The outfeed system with high speed belt and integrated WaterVac® system gives a very even thin layer of dewatered slices to the fryer. 

Access and cleaning is easy because of the lifted hood and transport system. 

Abrasive peeler

The two-stage abrasive peeler can be equipped with our so called long-life carborundum abrasive surface. A natural abrasive material embedded in a layer of tri-component adhesive containing nano particles which result in a non-sticking surface. By embedding and partly covering the abrasive grains the cleanability and life time is much improved. Relining can be delayed for a long time and is possible at our premises. 


For the French fry industry we are constantly working on environment related improvements. More and more strict laws are introduced concerning blow-off vapours and the noise produced by steam peelers. To reduce the blow-off noise, a special silencer is developed with techniques used in industrial flare. The typical low frequency blow-off sounds are difficult to muffle and the noise is carried over long distances. 


If apart from the generated noise, vapours are an environmental concern, the Kiremko blow-off condenser is the right solution. 

This condenser combines the removal of visible vapour and creates a large, usable quantity of energy. The great advantage is that it reduces blow-off resistance. 

The balanced system of a dry, cyclonic waste-catching vessel, condenser-vessel and controls makes it possible to eliminate all vapours and reclaim the huge amount of energy. 

In several potato processing plants, steam peeler condensers and frying vapour condensers operate together to achieve a very efficient energy reclaim system with a significant reduction of emissions.

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