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    Russet House launches Organic Sweet Potato Fries

    Sweet potato processor Russet House has launched Organic Sweet Potato Fries. As the third largest manufacturer of Sweet Potato Fries in North America Russet House remains committed to responding to their customer's needs on a Global level.

    VP of Sales, Michael Zieger recognizes the importance of organic certification in today's market and forecasts a 20% increase in immediate business. As leaders in sweet potato innovation the Russet House team are experts in product development, quality assurance and logistics.

    Russet House is currently the only supplier of Organic Sweet Potato Fries in North America servicing both the foodservice and retail segments.

    Russet House is focused on flexibility. "it's all about finding a way" says the Paul Jeffery, CEO, removing barriers and promoting innovation provides them with the ability to customize their products in response to the changing needs of both the food service and retail industries. Offering this full service approach and unique processing technique to produce a sweet potato fry with a higher natural nutritional count sets them apart.

    Key to their success in developing cutting edge products is the engineered Russet House manufacturing facility allowing them to operate with maximum production flexibility. Russet House develops products that each customer can call their own. Their vision and innovation are second to none with their team of experienced food industry professionals.