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TOMRA Sorting Food, Genius Sorter

At the 9th World Potato Congress TOMRA Sorting Food will showcase its innovative peeling and sorting solutions and welcome two new Chinese customers: Gansu Jindadi and Aviko-Snow Valley

Gansu Jindadi and Aviko-Snow Valley will sign new contracts with TOMRA on the first day of the show which is being held at the Beijing Badaling International Conference & Exhibition Centre, July 28-30. TOMRA will be at booth C071-C076.

Both companies are purchasing a Genius sorter whilst Gansu Jindadi is also buying the latest addition to TOMRA’s steam peeling portfolio, the Odyssey.

The latest addition to TOMRA’s steam peeling portfolio, the Odyssey

Visitors to the TOMRA booth can speak to the team about its range of steam peeling solutions which also include the Orbit and Eco peelers. The Odyssey’s vessel is bottle-shaped to enable large volumes of fruit and vegetables to be peeled, making it a cost effective machine for seasonal processing companies and emerging markets.

In addition to its peeling solutions, TOMRA has a range of sorters for potato applications, including the Genius and Halo, both of which can be seen at the TOMRA booth during the event.

Steven Van Geel, sales director, food, for China:

“China is the world’s leading producer of potatoes making it an ideal location to show TOMRA’s Halo and Genius sorters and discuss our peeling capabilities. TOMRA’s steam peelers are installed at leading potato and vegetable processing plants around the globe and more than 75 per cent of the world’s French fries are produced using TOMRA solutions. As the world’s number one potato optical sorting and peeling manufacturer, TOMRA’s machines are ideal for a variety of potato applications including whole potatoes, French fries, chips, slices and wedges.”

“Visitors will be able to hear about the impact Halo and Genius systems can have on production line efficiency. Their state-of-the-art inspection technologies offer unrivaled sorting performance, rejecting defective produce and a range of foreign material, to deliver a final product which meets exact food quality and safety standards.”

“Our cutting edge innovations support customers from field to fork and make for a smart business investment, ensuring an efficient, smooth production line operation. Our wide range of machines also helps processors boost capacity and availability, whilst at the same time optimising production flow and yield, minimising downtime and labour costs.”

TOMRA has a site and testing centre in Xiamen, China, which enables the company to show its sorting and peeling technology to customers in the Asian market. The centre supports the complete sales process, including the testing of sample materials provided by the customer.

View of the TOMRA testing centre in Xiamen, China