Visit TOMRA at Snackex and learn how to boost your sorting efficiency

Visit TOMRA at Snackex and learn how to boost your sorting efficiency
mei 28, 2015
Visitors to SNACKEX 2015 will have the chance to question the experts from TOMRA Sorting Food about their portfolio of cutting-edge sorting equipment.

The leading provider of sensor-based food sorting machines and processing technology will be occupying booth 17 at SNACKEX, which is taking place at the Istanbul Congress Center, Turkey, June 10-11.

The TOMRA Sorting Food team will be on hand to talk about the benefits of a range of their sorting systems including the Nimbus free fall, Nimbus BSI and Genius. Processors will be able to find out how each sorter effectively removes unwanted discolorations, foreign material and defective produce, whilst maximising yield, cutting waste and delivering high quality, safe food. A team of sales and product experts will be able to assist in finding the correct solution for each particular problem.

Visitors can learn about TOMRA Sorting Food’s ground-breaking Nimbus free-fall sorter, which received the Innovation Award at the INC Congress in Turkey last month, can be adapted to incorporate the company’s unique Biometric Signature Identification (BSI) technology. The new generation of Nimbus free-fall sorters combines the efficiency of laser detection together with cameras to sort products in free-fall by discolouration and shape and is a real breakthrough for nuts and raisin processors.

BSI technology is the latest spectral based optical platform, introduced to identify the material’s unique fingerprint, and creating new sorting abilities for nuts, dried fruit, potatoes and other applications.

TOMRA Sorting Food customer Steward & Jasper USA has benefited from the installation of a Nimbus BSI.

Owner Jim Jasper says:

“By implementing TOMRA’s Nimbus BSI in our almond processing lines, our company Stewart and Jasper, gained enormously. Our throughput has increased immensely and we have seen our labour expenses drop.

“On top of that, our product quality has improved. We have thoroughly researched the sorting industry, and it goes without saying that TOMRA’s Nimbus BSI is unmatched.”
Food processors attending SNACKEX can also seek advice on the Genius optical belt sorter, which is ideal for French fries, potato crisps, potato chips, specialty products, and dried fruit among other foods. The Genius is a modular food sorting machine that can be tailored to the user’s unique requirements and needs. With high resolution cameras and lasers, the Genius sorter offers a variety of inspection technologies in different inspection zones, achieving unequalled food sorting performance.

Roel Molenaers, product manager for TOMRA Sorting Food, says:

“The Genius and Nimbus machines use combined technologies to meet the continuously increasing requirements of food producers and processors for safe and excellent quality output, by removing unwanted material highly effectively.

“TOMRA’S food sorting machines are not only the most efficient way to sort products; they are also a smart investment for businesses. We understand that sorting food isn’t a one-size-fits-all process and that is why exhibiting at events such as SNACKEX is so important. We can speak directly to customers and find out how we can tailor our approach and service to suit their individual requirements.”
You can find TOMRA at Snackex at booth #17