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Save on Snack Packaging Film with Ultrasonic from Ishida

See Ishida’s Ultrasonic snack food bagmaker in action at Snaxpo 2016 in the Heat and Control booth #419.

maart 15, 2016
Ishida’s, Atlas Ultrasonic snack food bagmaker uses significantly less packaging film and improves seal quality.

Traditional bag sealing uses high-temperature jaws that transfer heat through all layers of the film producing a wide seal. Ishida’s ultrasonic technology heats only the sealant layers of the mated film surfaces.

This produces end and back seals that are 30-50% narrower and far stronger than ordinary heat seals. Savings in reduced film usage over one year are remarkable. Ultrasonic sealing jaws require no pre-heating and are ready to use immediately. They receive power only during sealing. This reduces energy consumption to a fraction of that required by heat sealing jaws and eliminates delays for cooling and the risk of burns during maintenance.

This versatile snack bagmaker produces a variety of bag sizes up to 11” / 280mm wide. Choose from stand-alone or direct-mount models with a single tube or nested format for twin-tube applications.

Heat and Control manufactures and supplies complete line solutions for the snack industry. Along with their partners Ishida and CEIA, Heat and Control can provide solutions of one machine or a complete line.

From processing, seasoning and coating application and conveying, to weighing, bagmaking, packaging, metal detection, X-ray inspection, and checkweighing.

With experience and expertise since 1950, Heat and Control can assist with process development, custom engineering, leading edge technology, and equipment for all types of snack products.

A full service offering includes pre- and post-sale technical support, including applications assistance, engineering, installation, parts, service, and training.
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