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Hippie Snacks Launches Cauliflower Crisps and Avocado Crisps in different flavours

Hippie Snacks has added four new savoury snacks to its lineup: Cauliflower Crisps - in Original and Classic Ranch flavors - and Avocado Crisps - in the flavours Guacamole and Sea Salt.

oktober 30, 2018

Hippie Snacks, a Burnaby, British Columbia-based company specializing in premium plant-based foods, has added four new savoury snacks to its lineup: Cauliflower Crisps (in Original and Classic Ranch flavors) and Avocado Crisps (in the flavours Guacamole and Sea Salt).

The fresh cauliflower and avocado is seasoned with sea salt, seeds, and herbs, and baked for the perfect crunch. Both offerings are made with real ingredients you can pronounce, with five grams of protein in each serving.

With the rise of cauliflower as a healthier carbohydrate alternative, the vegetable has become a popular ingredient for pizza crust and rice substitutes. Hippie Snacks is the first brand in North America to launch a snack using real cauliflower as the first ingredient.



Ian Walker, President and Founder of Hippie Snacks:
“Hippie Snacks’ new crisps take ingredients that people love and put them into a snackable format that everyone can get excited about.”

“You can actually see the real food ingredients, and taste the roasted cauliflower.”
Why avocado and cauliflower? Walker is a huge fan of both — so much so that the team at Hippie Snacks has been working for years to create an avocado snack, experimenting with a variety of methods, from freeze-drying to vacuum-frying.

With baked Avocado Crisps, the company knew it had succeeded in creating a tasty snack with the perfect amount of crunch.


Ian Walker:
“There’s a real reward that comes with knowing what we want to do and seeing it come to fruition.”

“These crisps are a delicious addition to our snack range, and I hope people enjoy them as much as I do!”
The new Crisps will be available online and in-store in the United States shortly, with current distribution across Canada.

Hippie Snacks’ tagline is “Real food tastes better,” and all of the company’s products include non-GMO, plant-based foods, seasoned with natural ingredients.

Other Hippie Snacks products include Coconut Clusters, Seed & Nut Clusters, Sesame Snacks, Grain-Free Granola, and Coconut Chips which can be found at Starbucks, Whole Foods Market PNW, Sprouts Farmers Market and other retailers across North America.

View the complete list at the Hippie Snacks store finder.
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