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    Bokados Expands Presence in Central and Western Mexico

    In order to strengthen its presence and better serve its customers and consumers in the Central and Western regions in Mexico, Bokados - Arca Continental’s snacks brand in Mexico - opened a new Distribution Center in Toluca, México.

    Bokados, the snack brand of Arca Continental, opened on Wednesday a distribution center in Toluca, State of Mexico, with the aim of improving distribution in the center and west of the country.

    Luis Arturo Escobar, director of Bokados:

    “With these new facilities we reinforced Bokados' commitment to continue growing the Arca Continental snack and food division profitably.”

    “The opening will allow us to improve the brand and logistics position of the Arca Continental snacks business in central and western Mexico, although we believe that it will not be materially representative for the size of the company.”

    The company did not disclose the amount of investment, but noted that the new center responds to its expansion strategy, adding to the facilities of Pachuca, Morelia and Puerto Vallarta, which began operations in the first half of 2019.

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    Arca Continental, one of the Coca-Cola bottlers, competes in the snack and food business with the Bokados brands in Mexico; Wise and Deep River, in the United States, and Inalecsa in Ecuador.

    According to Intercam, it is estimated that Arca Continental's food and snacks business generates sales of approximately 380 million dollars, of the almost 8 thousand 274 million that the company earns in a year, that is, this snack business represents 4.6 percent of consolidated revenues.