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Steaming (Blanching) and Cooling of Ready-To-Cook Potato Products

Steaming (Blanching) and Cooling of Ready-To-Cook Potato Products

Processing Equipment Manufacturer FoodeQ has developed a system that first steams (blanches) the products very hygienically and then cools it, primarily intended for the production of chilled products. By blanching the product the food is precooked and disinfected by the saturated steam.

Because of the seamless transition – as a result of the combined band conveyor belt for the steamer and the cooling tunnel – the system remains clean at all times and the cooling tunnel is a real high care zone.

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This innovative solution of FoodeQ is used for the production of fresh chips and all kind of other ready-to-cook potato products.

FoodeQ engineers also designed and implemented – with the highest hygienic and food safety requirements in mind – the transportation system from the cooling tunnel to the weighing systems and packaging department.

For this solution we engineered a new type of shakers which work that well that there are hardly any product residues in the pan after a product run.