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Lutosa rebranding emphasizes worldwide ambition

Lutosa is a proud Belgian Brand, selling its Belgian Fries and a wide range of additional potato products to no less than 136 countries. No less than 94% of its production is exported.

Lutosa is a proud Belgian brand, produced in Leuze-en-Hainaut and Sint-Eloois-Vijve, strongly anchored into the Belgian culture.

This Belgian brand positioning, used all over the world, was key for the success of the development worldwide. 94% of its potato products is exported to 136 countries.

The current Belgian brand positioning consists of the Lutosa logo, french fries cones, use of the Belgian flag and the use of a Belgian scenery with the atomium, cyclists, Belgian beer pictures, a Frit'Kot etc.  However, as years went by and Lutosa's business evolved, we have come to a point where the current brand identity is no longer a perfect fit with Lutosa's identity and ambitions.

It is therefore time for a new era, a new Lutosa...

The new brand identity

The new brand identity combines the Lutosa history and recognisability (red colour) with a modern look and feel and a new slogan emphasizing our worldwide ambition.

The new Lutosa is still very proud of its Belgian heritage and knowhow (with an icon showing the Belgian colours in the shape of a fries cone), but with a visual identity and brand positioning that shows its future-oriented and personalized customer approach, combined with a close collaboration with its farmers and a deep potato expertise (expressed by the field lines).

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Lutosa's new tagline: Potatoes to the world