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  • Meijer Potato installs Soil Scout sensors to monitor soil moisture, temperature and salinity
Meijer Potato installs Soil Scout sensors to monitor soil moisture, temperature and salinity

Max Tarneberg, International Product Manager for Meijer Potato

In a first for Soil Scout in the UK, Soil Scout are delighted to announce that Meijer Potato have recently installed their sensors in various key locations around the country. This is the first growing season that Meijer will be monitoring underground soil conditions in their fields and Soil Scout are extremely proud that they have chosen the Soil Scout solution to provide this highly beneficial data.

Max Tarneberg, International Product Manager for Meijer Potato:
"I found out about the Soil Scout solution when I searched the internet for wireless soil sensors."

"We have installed Scout sensors into our fields so we can learn a little bit more about how soil moisture and salinity and temperature can affect the quality of our overall product. We understand that it will have an effect but we have never been able to record exactly how much these conditions exist in the field and measure them properly."

"There’s an added benefit being able to take the measurements remotely which saves us on travel which is good for employee safety and our climate targets."
Jim Coley, Agricultural Sales Executive for Soil Scout:
"We are really pleased that we have completed this recent installation for Meijer Potato. Soil Scout was very proudly founded by a 19th generation farmer in Finland and having had so much success in the sports turf and golf course maintenance sector it is great to see the company taking large strides forward in the agricultural industry too."

"It’s a real coup for Soil Scout to be working with Meijer Potato, they are one of the leading potato seed breeders in Europe and we are really looking forward to developing a strong relationship with them moving forward."
Adam Sedgwick, Soil Scout’s VP of International Sales:
"This installation has come at a fantastic time for the company. We are talking to lots of farmers and growers throughout Europe and we are really excited to see how our data helps Meijer Potato achieve their growing objectives this season."
Meijer Potato has been in the potato business since 1920 and is currently active in 60 countries. They focus on breeding and marketing and using innovations they are able to develop even better varieties to market more rapidly, thus making the potato chain more sustainable and improved. They are committed to helping growers, customers, processors and all stakeholders.