SNAC Members Vote to Extend All Officer Terms by One Year

Board Chairman Rob Sarlls, President & CEO, Wyandot

Board Chairman Rob Sarlls, President & CEO, Wyandot

april 12, 2021
To ensure continuity and stability after a turbulent but successful year, SNAC International Members unanimously voted to extend the terms of all Executive Committee Officers and AEC Members by one year. Rob Sarlls, President & CEO, Wyandot remains Chairman of the Board and David Read, Senior Vice President – Sales, Printpack continues as AEC President.

Elizabeth Avery, President & CEO, SNAC International:
"I speak for the entire SNAC Membership in expressing heartfelt gratitude to all of these volunteer leaders for their willingness and enthusiasm in extending their service to the snack industry. Their guidance throughout the past year has ensured that our members gained maximum value from the Association’s three pillars of advocacy, education and networking."
Here are a few of the ways SNAC has connected the industry to create growth and opportunity during the past year:
  • Education: SNAC held 15 virtual learning opportunities, including the launch of its Elevating Excellence in Marketing program, held with Kellogg Management School at Northwestern University, which focused on disruption and the digital marketing transformation.
  • Networking: Members took advantage of SNAC’s innovative opportunities to connect and strengthen relationships, like the first ever Executive Livestream Forum, an exclusive virtual conference for senior executives.
  • Advocacy: SNAC achieved notable successes for its members, including ensuring workers were recognized as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure, as well as obtaining needed flexibility for companies to comply with new labeling requirements during the pandemic. SNAC also held its annual Legislative Summit virtually, allowing members to meet with policymakers to discuss key issues.
Additionally, SNAC Members voted four new Directors-at-Large to serve on the Board of Directors:
  • Héctor De La Barreda, President, Amplify Snack Brands
  • Mio Sakata, President & COO, Calbee North America
  • Kraig Rawls, CEO, Warnock Food Products
  • Tina Hacker, Specialty Powders Sales Manager, Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Looking ahead: With the continued guidance of the Executive Committee and AEC, SNAC is moving full steam ahead towards its annual main event: SNAXPO 2021, August 22-24, Charlotte, NC. SNAXPO is the leading vertically integrated supply chain trade show for the snack industry, and the SNAC team is working to make this first in-person regathering opportunity a safe place to reconnect, learn and grow.

Elizabeth Avery:
"Congratulations to Rob, David, and all Board and AEC Members on being elected to propel our Association forward. SNAC remains in great hands as our members continue to rely on us to advocate for responsible public policy, advance industry knowledge, and provide forums for companies to connect through a range of networking services that serve as the foundation for success in the marketplace."

Full list of Board and AEC Members

For a full list of Board and AEC Members, click here:
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