Potato Export from India Soars despite Crop Challenges due to tight supplies globally

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  • Potato Export from India Soars despite Crop Challenges due to tight supplies globally
Potato harvesting

Global Potato Shortage Looms as India's Export Soars Amidst Crop Challenges

april 02, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, the export of potato varieties for processing from India has skyrocketed in January 2024, surging approximately sevenfold.

This unexpected surge can be attributed to the ongoing Red Seas crisis and delays in material receipt from Europe, prompting an increased demand for Indian produce on the international market.

However, while India's process variety potato export flourishes, domestic concerns are on the rise. Harvesting in Gujarat has concluded, revealing a lower-than-anticipated yield compared to previous years. The culprit? Late blight diseases have ravaged crops in some regions of Gujarat, affecting both quantity and quality. 

Moreover, the demand for processed variety potatoes within India has surged, surpassing previous years' figures. This surge in demand, coupled with decreased supply, sets the stage for potential shortages within the country for process variety potatoes. 

But India is not alone in facing agricultural challenges. Projections suggest that Europe, too, will experience a downturn in potato harvests for the upcoming season. This anticipated scarcity raises alarms of a looming global potato shortage. 

With these concerns in mind, experts warn of impending price hikes in the potato market. In India, the combination of increased local demand and limited supply is expected to drive prices upward in the near future. Additionally, rising shipping costs pose a significant obstacle for exports from both India and Europe to regions such as the Gulf and Far East, exacerbating the situation further. 

The convergence of these factors paints a worrisome picture for the potato industry worldwide. As stakeholders grapple with the challenges posed by crop diseases, supply chain disruptions, and heightened demand, proactive measures will be essential to mitigate the impact of the impending potato shortage.

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