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Potato field rows with green bushes

NEPG: How will the potato market in North-western Europe develop?

maart 21, 2023
In Northwestern Europe (EU-04; NL, DE, BE, FR) the potato sector is facing a range of issues in the upcoming months. The million dollar question: How will the potato market respond? An analysis by the NEPG.
Asociafruit potato products

Bumper Crop in India Brings Down Potato Prices, Causes Storage Nightmare, and Leaves Farmers in Distress

maart 21, 2023
India which is the second-largest producer of potatoes in the world has witnessed a bumper crop in the November–February harvest. And, the farmers are not quite happy with this as the oversupply has brought down the prices, making farmers incur losses.
Potato Trade

Export value increases for all US potato types from July – Dec. 2022

maart 19, 2023
With international markets across the globe showing solid signs of recovery, it’s no surprise that the value of U.S. potato exports was up for all potato types July – Dec. 2022, compared with the same six months in 2021.
Potatoes in retail

The harvest of early potatoes in Uzbekistan is being delayed – imports will rise sharply

maart 11, 2023
EastFruit analysts have repeatedly paid attention to the grave consequences of abnormally cold weather in Uzbekistan in January.
Fill Your Boots with Free PEI Potatoes

Prince Edward Island Farms Offer Islanders Free PEI Potatoes this Saturday

maart 09, 2023
To help offset rising food costs, four farms on Prince Edward Island are opening their potato storages to Islanders. Visitors are invited to help themselves and pick unwashed potatoes directly from the pile in storage. The event occurs Saturday, March 11th, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Spanish Potatoes

España: La producción nacional de patata baja por primera vez de los dos millones de toneladas.

maart 07, 2023
La superficie de cultivo de patata en España, según el último Avance de Superficies y Producciones del Mapa de noviembre 2022 es de 63.591 hectáreas.
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Volumes of potato imports to Uzbekistan in 2017-2022, thousand tonnes

Potato imports to Uzbekistan have decreased for the first time in five years

februari 27, 2023
In 2022, the volume of imports of marketable potatoes to Uzbekistan decreased for the first time in the past few years.
Red Potatoes

Potato Breeding Company HZPC financial results in line with expectations

februari 18, 2023
Potato breeding company HZPC is on track for the expected result of the financial year 2022-2023.
Blair Richardson

Potatoes USA President: Potato Demand Exceeds World Production

februari 09, 2023
The President of Potatoes USA says worldwide demand for the tuber is outpacing production.
Potato promotion in grocery store in Beijing, China

China a potentially big export market for potatoes from Pakistan

februari 06, 2023
China is a potentially big market for Pakistani potato, because the price of potato in China is higher, especially from January to April every year.


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