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Fresh potatoes

How many potatoes are in storage in Canada (Total Holdings January 11 2023) ?

January 19, 2023
Total Canadian Potato Storage Holdings on January 11, 2023 are down slightly (-0.4%) over 2022 numbers for the same period, but are still 5.84% above the 3-yr. average, mostly due to the increased size of the crop in the last two years.
USDA Invests More Than USD 200 Million to Expand Agricultural Exports Through Market Development Programs

USDA Invests More Than USD 200 Million to Expand Agricultural Exports Through Market Development Programs

January 07, 2023
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service is awarding USD 202.7 million to more than 60 U.S. agricultural organizations to help expand export markets for U.S. farm and food products through the Market Access Program.
Potatoes in retail

Farmers outraged as Sainsbury’s sells potatoes for 'less than the cost of production'

January 06, 2023
Farmers have been left outraged as Sainsbury’s, among other UK supermarkets, discounted the price of potatoes in the run-up to Christmas to 'less than the cost of production'.
Grimme potato planter

España: La superficie de patata temprana en Andalucía y Murcia podría reducirse, entre un 15-20%, ante la falta de agua

December 24, 2022
En el mercado francés de patatas frescas, según una reciente comunicación de la Interprofesional de la Patata gala, los intercambios se aceleran al ritmo de las operaciones de promoción que pueden realizarse entre los operadores y las cadenas de supermercados.
French Fries

WTO rejects Colombian anti-dumping duties on frozen fries from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands

December 23, 2022
Arbitrators have in substance ruled in favour of the EU in the first WTO appeal dealt with under the ‘Multi-party interim appeal arbitration arrangement', known as the ‘MPIA'.
Jan van Hoogen, general director of Agrico

Potato cooperative Agrico realizes record sales in an improving market

December 20, 2022
Potato Cooperative Agrico held its annual central members’ meeting, during which the financial statements of 2021/2022 were explained, and the members looked ahead to the new harvest year.
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U.S. Potato Exports

United States potato export value increases as demand rebounds

December 17, 2022
Across the globe, restaurants are back to operating at normal capacity, borders are opening for tourism, and many consumers are looking for high-quality, nutritious food options, all leading to strong demand for US potatoes.
Javier Meléndez explains the ins and outs of his company

Valladolid avanza hacia una mayor profesionalización para maximizar la calidad de la patata

December 14, 2022
Patatas Meléndez protagoniza un nuevo encuentro del Campo a la Industria impulsado por la Diputación. Valladolid es la provincia de Castilla y León con mayor producción de patata.
Potato Harvesting

2022 Canadian Potato Production

December 12, 2022
Statistics Canada has estimated Canadian Potato Production in 2022 to be 122,970,000 hundred weight, up 0.8% over 2021. Despite a very cold and wet spring delaying planting and very hot
M S International 25kg potato bags

Export of potatoes for processing from India up over 40% YOY

December 12, 2022
Export data show that from January to September 2022, India exported about 153,000 tons of fresh or refrigerated potatoes suitable for the production of potato chips, an increase of 42% compared to last year.


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