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Vanmark Water Reclamation System

Vanmark Water Reclamation System: Significantly reduce water use for potato peeling through recirculation

The Water Reclamation System recirculates process water from Vanmark’s abrasive peelers – reducing water usage up to 90%.

The skid-mounted system removes peel waste from process water, collecting it to be sold, and recirculates filtered water back into the peeler in a closed loop.

It can integrate with and support up to three machines, with each now operating on less than 1.5 GPM (5.7 l/min) of fresh water input.

  • Clean and recirculate peeler water in closed loop to reduce usage up to 90%
  • Integrate with and support up to three Peeler/ Scrubber/Washer machines
  • Skid-mounted for easy installation and start-up
  • Flow managed through meters at each machine and progressive overflow design for self-balance
  • Sanitary design allows for quick and thorough cleaning
Main Filter Screen: 48” (1219 mm) diameter x 106 micron

Motor: 15 amps, 460 VAC, 3 phase

Weight: 2000 lbs. (900 kg)

Solids: Collects approximately 1.5% of total product flow rate

  • Spray bar conversion assemblies
  • Secondary waste separating auger
  • Automated flush and restart modes
  • Fresh water flow meter
  • NEMA 4X SS enclosure
  • Integrated control panel
  • Lift pump for peelers with drain port lower than 56” (1422 mm)